Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Love NY

I saw this story today and thought it was hilarious:

I Love NY

More power to you, man.


Amber said...

I saw that too, HILARIOUS! He will NEVAH live it down!
7 more hours sistah! Enjoy your reunion:) Talk to you later this week for more stampy fun:)

CCsMom said...

Yes, and he's from HERE!!! We saw that on the news -- he's also wearing a soda shop's tee -- from Denton. Seems like that red shirt would prove to be a TARGET, don't you think? Pretty funny.

The reunion was good -- saw Charisse, Toby and Lori. Toby pointed to the girl who caught the bouquet at your wedding -- she's GROWN!!! And Jeng was there -- I got a hug. He's so cute. Mr. Hull (there are TWO of them now, but not related) said that they are joining with the Richland and Birdville bands and doing an audition tape for the Pasadena ROSE PARADE next week. How cool is that?!!! It was fun, though. Saw Ms. Duell Moore and she said to send you her regards.

Love ya and so glad Lee is home! Mom