Saturday, May 2, 2009

Three Surprises

So on Wednesday I was kinda bummed out that I got regrets for that job. I didn't have much time to mope though, because on Thursday I got an offer for *another* job, rather to my surprise since my two interviews with these people I didn't think went that well. But hey, I'll be rejoining the work force in June, so that's pretty exciting. The job I got is more high visibility than the one I was turned down for, and that makes me kind of nervous since I've been a stay-at-home wife/dog mama/scrapbooker/card maker/sometime grad student for almost two years now. At any rate, I decided to buy a kokeshi doll to commemorate the occasion. :D

Look, she's wearing green, the color of money! I saw a blue one that was like this, but I figured I don't have any green dolls yet so that's why I picked her. Plus, check this out:

Yeah, that's probably how I'm going to look on Monday mornings starting in June, bwahahahaaaa! This doll's face rotates between three different expressions.

And there's the third one, I think she looks sleepy here. I like her outfit, but then again I love green anyway. Green and purple are my two favorite colors and I'd be hard-pressed anymore to choose between them. Luckily they harmonize well with Lee's favorite color (blue), so it helps when we're trying to decorate and stuff.

When I was looking for my happy-new-job kokeshi doll, I saw this one like I got Vicki. Remember I really wanted one for me but Vicki got the last one, so I was excited when I saw it in stock again today. I just love her precious pigtails and the colors, and the morning glories...we used to have morning glories in our backyard in North Carolina, I loved them. My favorite flowers are hydrangeas, morning glories, and now orchids. Hmm, all of those come in purple varieties!

Today, I got a cute little surprise in the mail, too.

I could not figure out why I would get a lei in the mail, particularly since I didn't recognize the sender's name, and then I saw that it's an invitation to a baby shower. Is this not cool? A luau-themed baby shower, I love it! And this orange lei matches my orange toes, too, hehehe. The baby shower is for my friend and neighbor Casey, and coincidentally the job I got is to replace her when she goes on maternity leave. Casey and her husband are due to move back to the States in August so I'm just taking over full-time in June. Anyway, I thought this was the most inventive baby shower invite I've ever seen, and now I want to come up with something really cute to give her at the shower. Got any cool gift ideas??? Something one-of-a-kind I could make?

After I got home from kokeshi doll shopping and checking the mail this afternoon, I got another nice surprise...I was chosen as this month's Bella's Favorite Stamper! That means that anyone who wants to participate in the challenge is to look through my gallery and find a card to use as inspiration, then create their own card (you can see the challenge here). Kind of exciting to know that someone thinks my work is worth using as inspiration! I'm just thrilled!

Aaaaaannnnnnnd to celebrate being finished with my research paper, I'm going to place an order for some Stamping Bella stamps including a whole bunch of the super-cute Kettos. Ok, so, my paper isn't done YET but it will be by the time my stamps get here ;) I'm just a smidge over 12 pages right now, I've got till Thursday to make it to around 20. I can do it. So I'm going to work on that for a few hours, take a break to feed Sadie and Vader, and then after that I plan to do a little scrappin'. It IS National Scrapbook Day, y'know.

Know what else? Ree will be home around three weeks from today. I can't wait! 'Specially since I promised I wouldn't go see the new X-Men movie without him. I'm going to wait for him to get back to go see the Star Trek movie too, but I bet he wishes I'd go see THAT one without him :p I am not ashamed to admit to being a Star Trek fan. Of course, I'm *more* of a Star Wars fan, but I'm an equal-opportunity sci-fi/fantasy lover. Bring on the spaceships and the unicorns.

Ok, ok, I'm going to work on my paper!!

P.S. It's now 7 p.m., time to feed the kiddos, and I've gotten up to 13 pages on my paper. Man, this is slow going!!


Giffysk8s said...

LOVE the lei invitation~ How creative is that?

Yay for you on the kokeshi dolls! You know I love 'em! I especially love those pigtails. :)

Hey, 13 pages is better than 8! Eat some chocolate and write, write, write!

CONGRATS on being the featured stamper! I can't wait to CASE you!

Liz Guidry said...

Congrats on all the new stuff!! I love the pigtail one too.