Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tiana's Baby Book, Part 3

I won't be able to share Part 4 until I finish the last two layouts for Tiana's book, but here are the remaining four monthly layouts I did. You can find the supply lists for all of the layouts in the book at my Splitcoast gallery. If you click on the pictures below, you can see a larger pic.

I got the SU stamp set called The Gifts of Spring on eBay several years ago; I just love the bunnies. My set is missing one stamp, but I DO have the teeny weeny little "hand stamped by" stamp with the bunny butt on it, lol! You can see the supplies I used for this here.

May was the second layout I did for the books; I love the stamp set Heartspeak, which is what I used for the basket full of flowers. I thought that worked well for a Mother's Day type layout.

I have a harder time figuring out what to do for Father's Day type stuff; I borrowed Amber's Cheep Talk stamp set for this layout and then I ended up getting it for myself :)

July was the next-to-last month that I did; I really liked how it turned out. I'm going to seriously hoard my last sheet of that stripey patterned paper, hehe!

So how's everyone enjoying their weekend? I can't believe it's almost the 4th of July already...which means my mom's birthday present (her BD is on the second) is gonna be a leetle bit late, dangit! I can't get anything mailed out on time this year it seems. I have a shot at my SIL Adrienne's birthday though, hers isn't till the fifth...anyway, I'm hoping to enjoy some quality crafting time tomorrow. I did a little bit today, and got my room all cleaned up from the mad stamping session for the Bella blog hop (that hop went on forever and a day, I swear! It took me two days to get through it all!). I've got my all-important list of things to do in an easily accessible place so I have no excuse not to accomplish something tomorrow! Wish me luck.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Da Bella BIRFFFFday Blog Skip, Hop, & Dance!!

Hello Sistahs and welcome to the Bella Birffffday Blog Skip, Hop, & Dance! No really, that's the official name of it ;) The fun begins with the Queen Bella herself, Emily, whose birthday is today so we're all celebrating with her! If you got here from Lisa's blog, you're right on track. I hope you're having fun too!

So here are my projects, get out your sunglasses for the first one! I used this week's SCS color challenge, Pacific Point (how do I love thee!), Summer Sun (let me count the ways!), and Tangerine Tango (be still my heart!). Put them all together and you've got a color combo that I just loooooooooooove :D

This is I-Can't-See-A-Thing-aBella; I don't actually own this stamp but my dear Sistah Amber kindly let me stamp off some images from her stamp collection. This is also the Bellariffic Friday sketch for this week, whaddya think? This card will be going to my sister-in-law for her birthday in a couple of weeks.

My second card is for my mom's birthday which is coming up soon, I know she'll love the plummy colors:

Patricia Birthdaycake is another stamp that Amber owns and I don't, but I think I'll have to buy her now! She's so stylin' in her lil hat!! And my mom is one stylish lady, lemme tell you--she always has jewelry that matches her outfits perfectly, lol!

Last card, I *had* to do a Ketto card! Meet Suzette...

A Suzette stamp is on her way to me right now, but until she gets here I've got a few images from my good buddy Vicki to play with. Hmm, all three of my cards are made with stamps I don't own yet! Well, I'll have to fix *that* problem really fast, lol! Someone asked me when we did the Ketto blog hop--that patterned paper is by Provo Craft. Love the bright colors!

Your next stop on the Blog Skip, Hop, & Dance is Shannon! Have fun on the Hop and don't forget to comment on each stop--there's some blog candy hidden somewhere along the way but you have to leave a comment to have a chance at winning it. Have fun, Sistahs! Oh, and save me a piece of birthday cake, wouldja?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tiana's Baby Book, Part 2

Ok, I'm finally posting more pictures from Tiana's baby book. If you want to see the supplies I used for each layout, you can check out my Splitcoast gallery here.

I think I'd tweak the colors on this one if I had it to do over just doesn't seem 100% right to me. Then again, I am my own harshest critic.

So there's a new snowflake punch in the Stampin' Up! catalog that comes out July 1...and if I do another of these crazy books, I'm so gonna punch out snowflakes for the accents on the top right page instead of stamping them. I like the color combo a lot on this one, and that argyle print :D

February caused me some *issues* because Tiana is not a fan of purple (how could anyone not like purple?!) and I had originally wanted to do a pink and purple layout. So instead I found the rose print in the (appropriately enough) Bella Rose paper from SU, so that dictated my color combination. I really like this one, I think it turned out cute.

I really like the yellow pattern I used on the top of this layout, it seemed to go along real well with my greens for St. Patrick's Day. I love St. Patrick's Day :) The only thing I'm not so sure of on this layout is the shamrock stuck in the middle of the right-hand page. And I worried that these layouts were getting a little too "boxy", but I was kinda limited by only working with standard size photos. Ehh.

That's all she wrote tonight, peeps. I'm so tired (again!) so I think it's bedtime although it's not even 9:00 yet. Still getting used to the new full-time job, plus we're trying to get to the gym regularly too. Must go sleep now.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm Kinda Sorta Almost Maybe A Little Bit Famous, On Splitcoast At Least!

So around midday today, I was hanging out talking to my mom via Skype while we both browsed cross stitch patterns on The Scarlet Quince, when I checked my email and lo and behold, I am this week's featured stamper! That means that SCSers are supposed to check out my gallery, pick a card they like and change some things about it, then upload their own version of it (that's called CASEing). So now I feel just a teeny bit famous and Lee thought I was crazy (nothing new there). You can see everyone's beautiful creations HERE, I'll have to go through them all tomorrow after work and comment. Fun!

So I finally got the camera back from Lee, and I took pictures of the two swap cards I sent off yesterday (I have extra copies of them so I can send them in to SU and maybe win a prize or something. So far I haven't won anything from them but it doesn't hurt to try). This first one was made using a new Level 2 hostess set from the upcoming catalog; it's called Asian Artistry and you KNOW I have to buy anything that's Asian-inspired!

I used some new In Colors too, I like Crushed Curry (the yellow) better than I thought I would. The patterned paper is brand new too, it's called Razzleberry Lemonade. I thought about stamping a dragonfly above my flowers (which are heat embossed so they're shiny) but Lee talked me out of it. He's my artistic advisor.

For this one I used the new stamp sets Circle Circus and Teeny Tiny Wishes, but I'm just not thrilled with how it turned out. I was in a big hurry to finish these and get them in the mail so I didn't have time to tweak the design...and my Orchid Opulence ink doesn't match my Orchid Opulence cardstock like it should, so I may get a new ink pad and/or cardstock and see if new stuff works better. I like the color combo though (I've always liked Orchid Opulence although it's one of the most reviled SU colors according to Splitcoasters); I got the idea from a new pack of paper that will be available in the new catalog.

One more card to share today...get out your sunglasses!

Ah yes, my love affair with bright colors is still going strong. This is a birthday card for my friend Jen who just had a nice vacation on the beach. This is for this week's Bella Sketch Challenge which you can find here. After cleaning up my craft room, I realized how many stamped images I have on hand (lots and lots), most of which are Bellas, Kettos, or images that my sweet stamping friends have sent me to play with. So my new mission is to use up some of those images, and Kinibella was the first one I picked to use.

Oh yeah, one more thing...toes!

This was what I got put on my toes last Thursday, but I'm not in love with it. I really, really, really wanted something hot pink, but the design I picked out was originally pale blue base with blue flowers, and I just don't think it looks as good with hot pink flowers as it did with blue ones. So Amber and I are talking about going to get our toes done in the near future despite these being less than a week old. The lady who painted them did a great job, I just don't like the design as much as I thought I would. There's even gold glitter on the flower centers.

Anyway, it is past my bedtime and I want to go to the gym tomorrow morning, *and* it's my first day to work solo as Casey is now officially on maternity leave. Wish me luck!

P.S. Here are the cross stitch designs I'm considering from Scarlet Quince:
The Accolade and Godspeed (I've loved The Accolade for years, and Godspeed is a companion piece)
Windflowers (love the colors on this!)
Take the Fair Face of Woman (check out that crown of butterflies, is this not gorgeous?!)
And surprisingly, I think I might get this one first: Splendid. My parents' hometown in California looks just like this--orange groves surrounded by mountains. This design is a fruit crate label, which I think are just so cool--you can do a search for them on eBay and see what comes up. Pretty nifty. Plus this design feeds into my love of all things orange right now :D

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stand By for News!

I used to like listening to Paul Harvey (I would still like listening to him, but he passed away last year and the radio station here is so terrible they wouldn't have the sense to play Paul Harvey anyway). He had the neatest voice and his signature "The Rest of the Story" was awesome to listen to. Thinking of Paul Harvey always reminds me of being in Porterville, California, my parents' hometown; I think maybe that was the first place I remember listening to it. And I know my great-grandfather used to listen to that program too.

But anyway, I don't really have any news to warrant my blog title post. I was supposed to post more pictures from Tiana's baby book, but there are some still on the camera that Lee absconded with ("abscond" is a pretty cool word, don't you think?). I was also supposed to post a picture of my new toe art courtesy of Cocok's with the silent k, but again, the camera is I don't know where. So instead you get this reassurance blog post that I am in fact still alive. :p

I rushed around like a crazy person this morning to finish up some swaps that should have gone in the mail a couple of days ago (I seriously hope they arrive on time, but I think they might be late, and I haven't taken pictures of them either, I really think I should ask Lee what he did with that camera) and then this afternoon I got back to cleaning up my craft room. I started working on that last weekend and just now finished because cleaning is never fun, but in this case it was necessary. To the untrained eye, my craft room looks exactly the same as it did before, but I got rid of a trash bag full of stuff plus a lot of paper and boxes to recycle. And I'm all organized (at least I hope so, we'll see how my organizational system holds up when I go in there tomorrow to actually create something).

And I found my list of things to do while I was cleaning up my craft room today, so at least now I have an idea of what I should be doing next. It's pretty sad when you lose your list of things to do so the first thing on your mental list is to find the hardcopy list because you can't remember what else was on it. Am I even making sense anymore? I kind of think not, so that's a good sign that it's past my bedtime.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tiana's Baby Book, Part 1

As promised, here's the first part of Tiana's baby book. She's due in July, so the first layout will be first pictures/homecoming stuff (still haven't made it yet) and then the monthly layouts will start with August:

The colors are a bit off in the picture; I used Tempting Turquoise, Summer Sun, Tangerine Tango (yes, those photo mats are ORANGE, not red) and Pacific Point patterned paper. Tiana's husband Scott loves orange so I that was one reason why I used the color on here (that, and I liked it with the other colors). August is one of those months that doesn't have a good built-in "theme" for this type of project, but hey, we're on a subtropical island so fish work!

I used apples for September's theme; luckily I still had some Summer Picnic designer series paper that has apples on it. This one was really simple and quick to put together, but I really liked the color combo: Bashful Blue, Real Red, Old Olive, and Chocolate Chip.

I love lime green and I was so tickled with how the October layout looked when I finished it. The starry background was stamped with Stars & Swirls, which was the first SU stamp set I ever bought. I used Green Galore, Pumpkin Pie, Basic Gray, and Lovely Lilac for my colors on this.

I think November was the first layout I actually did for this book. Again, the colors look a bit wonky--it's Really Rust, Sage Shadow (photo mats), Chocolate Chip, and More Mustard. The patterned paper on the edges looked like buttons to me, so I stamped some buttons from Little Pieces to accent the letters of the title.

Each layout has room for one 5x7 picture and several more 4x6 and 3.25x5 pictures since those are some standard sizes that I get from Winkflash. So all Tiana has to do is take pictures, print them, and then stick them in the book. The white spaces are for her to write about whatever happens during the month or milestones like how much the baby weighs each month or whatever. Like I know what moms write in baby books.

Ok, I'm about to face-plant on the keyboard I'm so tired. I'll be back in a day or two with Part 2 of the baby book photos.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Ever-Expanding Universe of Geek* Kokeshi

Muluc, who was already my hero for producing Star Wars kokeshi dolls, has expanded his store to include a few more of your favorite sci-fi/comic book characters...

Yep, Kirk and Spock have now been immortalized in kokeshi doll form. Sure, it's cool to be an action figure, but how many people can say they've been turned into kokeshi dolls? Action figures are a dime a dozen in comparison.

And for you Marvel Comics fans (you know who you are), Muluc now has Spiderman and the Incredible Hulk available for purchase in his store. You know you want to buy them right now.

Aww yeah. Good stuff, man.

*Seriously, if you look at Muluc's Etsy page, his stuff has been tagged with the keyword "geekery". Let's all just proudly let our geek flags wave, n'k?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The "I Survived My First Week at Work" Kokeshi Doll, Plus a Baby Shower

'Cause you know I was gonna buy myself a doll to celebrate getting through my first week at work unscathed!

I've had my eye on this one for a couple of months. I don't see too many kokeshi dolls featuring these colors (and the colors in the picture are wonky since it's so overcast here right now)--it's light blue, lavender, and pink. At $35, she's the most expensive doll I've bought, which is why I've been waiting to buy her :) Vicki, the only one they have left at the store is the display one, so if you want it I'll go back on Tuesday and snatch her for you. I've only ever seen this doll at the one store...and they've gotten in a bunch of new ones too. Good thing I will start receiving paychecks pretty soon here!

The job is going pretty well so far, but then again I've had Casey sitting there with me to make sure I don't mess up. I don't have my own computer access yet but that should get taken care of first thing on Monday morning, and I think Casey's trained me fairly well but I'm still hoping that she'll be able to work all of next week with me before she has her baby. I told her she's not allowed to give birth until she's done teaching me, think the baby will listen to me when I say that? Hehe!

So today I've been running around like a crazy person. I was trying very hard to finish up a couple of things for Tiana's baby shower this afternoon, plus I had to go get my "I Survived" doll and run a few other errands (in the pouring rain!) *and* I got my new Stampin' Up catalog in the mail today but I've only had time to flip through it one time really fast. It's sitting right next to me, waiting for me to give it a leisurely perusal, which will happen as soon as I finish typing this post. Good thing I type fast.

Anyway, my friend Tiana's baby shower was this afternoon, and she's the one that I was making the "baby's first year" scrapbook for. I still have two layouts to finish--I did one layout for each month of the year, but I haven't yet done the first pictures/homecoming layout or one for the baby's first birthday so I'll have to give those to Tiana later. So here's Tiana opening her gift from me...

I'll start posting pictures of each layout on here over the next few days so you can see the pages close up (if you're interested in that). The first page says "Emma's First Year" and has a little giraffe like we did on Tiana's baby announcements (I helped her make those a while back).

Tiana flipped through the book real quick so everyone could get an idea of what I did, and then it got passed around later. And no, I will *not* be selling my work anywhere...I don't want to get burned out making things to sell, so I'd rather stick to my own personal crafting and whatever I want to make to give as presents to friends and family.

The last page of the book says "Made in Japan" on top, and then I stamped "From American Parts" on the bottom. I finished the first and last pages this afternoon and actually got to the shower about a half an hour late (oops).

Now I really, really, *really* need to clean up and organize my craft room, it looks like a typhoon hit it. Paper and stamps flying everywhere, not to mention the dog hair on the floor despite me vacuuming on Friday during my lunch break (I couldn't stand it anymore...when you're having dreams about how much dog hair is on the floor, it is past time to vacuum!!) But tomorrow is soon enough to do that...for now, I've got a new Stampin' Up! catalog with which I need to get acquainted ;)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

International Political Economy, How Do I Hate Thee?

Let me count the ways!

Yesterday I made a decision that makes me very happy. I'm dropping my current class, International Political Economy. I hated to do it because it pretty much negates my taking two classes last term so I could finish up a little earlier, but it's worth it to me to never have to see that professor again. He was *awful* in so many ways. He seems to think he's funny, but he's not; his lectures are pretty much incomprehensible; the more questions the students ask, the more confused we get; he goes into long-winded digressions that have nothing to do with the subject he's supposed to be teaching *and* they're boring; he asks students' opinions on stuff and then proceeds to expound on how the student's opinion is wrong so he can make us feel stupid. And that's on top of a boatload of reading and essay assignments.

Oh yeah, I'm happy to get out of THAT mess. I'll take it this time next year when Dr. Boz is back...I've had him for several classes already and I know he'll at least make sense. For now, I decided I could either handle the class and its horrible teacher, *or* learning my new job, but not both. I decided to stick with the option where I get paid rather than the one I have to pay for.

So tomorrow is my first official day at work, although I spent maybe 20 hours last week sitting with the girl I'm replacing so I could start learning what I'm going to be doing for the next year and a half. I think the biggest thing will be learning who everyone is; I'll be dealing with lots and lots of different people. Luckily most of them wear nametags, so that helps. The FUN part will be deciding what to spend my first paycheck on, lol :) I should be getting a copy of Stampin' Up!'s new catalog on Friday, so I'm sure that will help me decide, hehe! Plus I've got Post-It notes stuck all over the JC Penney catalog since I need to refresh my work wardrobe. There are these teal shoes I really want...

Anyway, now that I've decided to drop that class, I'm much happier and I'm much more likely to get the baby book for my friend done in time for her baby shower next Saturday. I've got one more month's layout to do, plus a couple more pages, so if I work on that consistently after I get off work each day this week, I should be able to get it finished. I'll post pictures of the whole book on here when it's done. But for right now, I think I need to go to bed early so I'll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for work tomorrow.