Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stand By for News!

I used to like listening to Paul Harvey (I would still like listening to him, but he passed away last year and the radio station here is so terrible they wouldn't have the sense to play Paul Harvey anyway). He had the neatest voice and his signature "The Rest of the Story" was awesome to listen to. Thinking of Paul Harvey always reminds me of being in Porterville, California, my parents' hometown; I think maybe that was the first place I remember listening to it. And I know my great-grandfather used to listen to that program too.

But anyway, I don't really have any news to warrant my blog title post. I was supposed to post more pictures from Tiana's baby book, but there are some still on the camera that Lee absconded with ("abscond" is a pretty cool word, don't you think?). I was also supposed to post a picture of my new toe art courtesy of Cocok's with the silent k, but again, the camera is I don't know where. So instead you get this reassurance blog post that I am in fact still alive. :p

I rushed around like a crazy person this morning to finish up some swaps that should have gone in the mail a couple of days ago (I seriously hope they arrive on time, but I think they might be late, and I haven't taken pictures of them either, I really think I should ask Lee what he did with that camera) and then this afternoon I got back to cleaning up my craft room. I started working on that last weekend and just now finished because cleaning is never fun, but in this case it was necessary. To the untrained eye, my craft room looks exactly the same as it did before, but I got rid of a trash bag full of stuff plus a lot of paper and boxes to recycle. And I'm all organized (at least I hope so, we'll see how my organizational system holds up when I go in there tomorrow to actually create something).

And I found my list of things to do while I was cleaning up my craft room today, so at least now I have an idea of what I should be doing next. It's pretty sad when you lose your list of things to do so the first thing on your mental list is to find the hardcopy list because you can't remember what else was on it. Am I even making sense anymore? I kind of think not, so that's a good sign that it's past my bedtime.


Liz Guidry said...

Glad you found your list. I'm surprised you don't have a backup. ;)

Chat with you soon!

Amber said...

Hey silly girl;) How was your first week of work? I see you're still alive so that's a good sign;)
I'd love to go to CocoK's (with the silent K, but you KNOW I'd co to Coco's without a K too:D YUMMY Curry;)
Just let me know when!
We do gotta stamp soon, watcha got goin on next weekend? I am planning on ordering the new Bellas so lets order together! You want me to order or you? Since you have a gift card I'm guessing you'll order? I'll send you my list once she's done adding goodies! Have a good day sistah:)