Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tiana's Baby Book, Part 2

Ok, I'm finally posting more pictures from Tiana's baby book. If you want to see the supplies I used for each layout, you can check out my Splitcoast gallery here.

I think I'd tweak the colors on this one if I had it to do over just doesn't seem 100% right to me. Then again, I am my own harshest critic.

So there's a new snowflake punch in the Stampin' Up! catalog that comes out July 1...and if I do another of these crazy books, I'm so gonna punch out snowflakes for the accents on the top right page instead of stamping them. I like the color combo a lot on this one, and that argyle print :D

February caused me some *issues* because Tiana is not a fan of purple (how could anyone not like purple?!) and I had originally wanted to do a pink and purple layout. So instead I found the rose print in the (appropriately enough) Bella Rose paper from SU, so that dictated my color combination. I really like this one, I think it turned out cute.

I really like the yellow pattern I used on the top of this layout, it seemed to go along real well with my greens for St. Patrick's Day. I love St. Patrick's Day :) The only thing I'm not so sure of on this layout is the shamrock stuck in the middle of the right-hand page. And I worried that these layouts were getting a little too "boxy", but I was kinda limited by only working with standard size photos. Ehh.

That's all she wrote tonight, peeps. I'm so tired (again!) so I think it's bedtime although it's not even 9:00 yet. Still getting used to the new full-time job, plus we're trying to get to the gym regularly too. Must go sleep now.


Giffysk8s said...

Love your new pages! January is my fave b/c, as you know, I LOVE the snow! And I agree~how could anyone NOT love purple? LOL

Don't worry about them looking boxy. It just seems that way to you now b/c all of the boxes are the same colors. Once she adds pictures, you'll never notice that.

Hope you are having a good day at work!

Zeus and Twinkle Haskins said...

Super De Duper Cute, I love it. Great job!!!