Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

Warning: long and rambly and possibly nonsensical blog post ahead...I'm pretty tired so I don't know anymore if I'm coherent at all. Can't say I didn't warn you.

We didn't really have any big plans for the holiday weekend, mostly we've been chillin' like villains. This morning Lee got up early to go scuba diving; I got up early and vacuumed up a truly awe-inspiring amount of dog hair, and then Amber came over for a little bit to stamp and yak and hang out and she let me play with her Nestabilities!! Oh yeah, I gotta get some of those. Now I'm thinking I may just splurge next month and buy the Big Shot so I can start collecting the Nesties...and if you're not a paper crafter then you have no clue what I'm talking about but that's ok :)

So the dog hair has been accumulating even more rapidly than usual (and I didn't think that was possible before now!) For the month of July, we're keeping Jamie's dog Raven while she's in the States, so we now have three LBDs (that's Little Black Dogs, not Little Black Dresses, although come to think of it I have three of those too) running around the house. We look like a parade when we take them all for walks. Sadie still likes to keep to herself because that's just how she is, but Raven and Vader are good buddies:

Yep, that's them in my craft room today, just hanging out while I actually worked on a scrapbook layout that I started about two months ago. I have this old comforter on the floor in my craft room as a way to try to get the kids to lay on it out of my way rather than plopping down right behind my chair and then looking affronted when I try to move and their tails get run over. :p

Ree was playing with the kiddos last night and Raven got to be the Top Dog for a bit...I think he had all three of the dogs trying to get up on the chair at the same time but I couldn't get a picture of that because our camera's memory card was full (took care of that today).

I'm estimating that we've got about 200 pounds of dog, somewhere around there. We've got nothin' on Shannan who now has a grand total of 450 pounds...just having Raven around has convinced Lee that we do *not* need a third dog. Not that Raven misbehaves or anything, because he doesn't, it's just that it's a bit crowded with three of them milling around every time you try to leave the room. (After reading Shannan's blog post, I wanna name a dog Misdemeanor!) This is what it looks like at feeding time:

Anyway, this afternoon Lee and I were getting ready to leave for AmericaFest when I saw a butterfly perched on our sliding glass door, lookie:

Pretty, huh?

So here's the scrapbook layout I *finally* finished today...I think I started it at least two months ago, so I am officially the world's slowest scrapper. But hey, now I've done two pages already for this month!

Click the photo to see a larger version. I love the little kimono-wearing Kettos, they're so cute! Ok, so the entire Ketto line is stinkin' adorable, so I'm glad I have a Ketto representative in my scrapbook now. This layout is from Jamie's birthday party this year when we all went to Cocok's with the silent k (my first experience there) and then out to dinner afterwards.

Sooooooo how about a few AmericaFest pictures? Here's one of our patented self portraits:

And then when the fireworks started, we tried another self portrait but this one didn't turn out so good...

So someone offered to take our picture for us, so now I'm actually in the frame :)

I tried to take a few pictures of the fireworks, but it's pretty much a lost cause with a hand-held camera. We were only out at AmericaFest for a couple of hours and I think most of that time was spent waiting in line for hamburgers, but that's okay. We had awesome weather this evening--not too hot or humid, good breeze, clear skies for the fireworks. I think we should go back next year, especially since we didn't get any funnel cakes or fried Oreos...they ran out right when we queued up in line :( I was kinda looking forward to trying a fried Oreo, so maybe next year!

Have a wonderful Fourth, everyone, and stay safe!


Amber said...

Hey there you are!;)
The self-portraits look great:) We watched the fire works from the bleachers on the track, it was the perfect spot!
The layout looks super cute! I love the kettos:)
I'm excited for our date today! That movie looks really cute and you can't go wrong with Ryan Reynolds:D

Shannan Teubner said...

LOL Looks like you're having fun! Things around here are remarkably calm, considering! Heehee
Oh, and Misdemeanor would be a great name for a dog! I love it!

Liz Guidry said...

Great pictures! If you ever need a 3rd dog to get your fix, you can borrow mine - haha. I don't know about everyone else, but fried Oreos sounds kind of disgusting. Ew!

CCsMom said...

Hey, Kik! Glad you had a good 4th of July and Lee got back from scuba diving in one piece. Ha! The only fireworks we saw were on TV and watching the Boston Pops. I always LOVE hearing "The Stars and Stripes Forever". Of course it makes me think of Buck, our band director. Ending our concert every year with that assured a standing ovation. Today is rather low key. I need to get motivated to finish the curtains in the breakfast nook. Why can't I seem to do that?!!!

Hey, I bought my Big Kick with a 50% coupon from Michael's, so it was $50 . . . of course they are HEAVY, so mailing it to you would be something else. Everywhere they seem to be $99. Haven't broken it out of it's case yet . . . and Michael's is advertising the Slice, which is a cordless cutter with little cards that look like memory cards for your camera -- and they are cheaper than the Sizzix. Don't know about being able to cut different sizes with it or anything.

Anyway, hope you have a great week at work. Love ya! Mom

Charisse said...

Glad you had a good 4th. Lorelli and I went swimming and I got the worst sunburn sunburn I have had since drumline camp in high school. HORRIBLE!!!! But we had fun.

Giffysk8s said...

LOVE the layout, Christy! And the Kettos are the perfect touch! I think the Japanese Kettos are definitely my favorites. Love the DP you used, too!

Love the photo of you and Ree in front of the fireworks. You are such a cute couple!

Check out or amazon. They had the cheapest prices and shipping for the Big Shot.

Vicki said...

Had to giggle when I saw you refer to your dogs as LBDs. I've been calling my Chelsea that for almost 15 years. She is actually an LBD, though - she weight just under 15 pounds. Your guys are beautiful! (came to your blog from SCS)