Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Ok, so when two out of three blog readers tell me that I need to update so they're not staring at my toes anymore...well, I have to update so they're not staring at my toes anymore. Although my toes are pretty stinkin' cute, I should thank Amber again for talking me into the stripes. Maybe next time I go to Cocok's with the silent k, I'll get the same design but different colors...I'm thinking Cheshire Cat stripes. Or red and white stripes with blue flowers. But I digress, this blog post isn't all about toes!

So today we had a solar eclipse, which means that around 11 o'clock this morning everyone was outside staring at the sun. I'm just kidding...we were all outside, but only some of us were staring at the sun; the rest of us were trying to figure out how to "safely" view the eclipse using a piece of paper with a tiny pierced hole in it (I don't think it worked). But better safe then fried retinas, right? We were supposed to have something like 94% coverage but it didn't seem like it did that much--we all expected it to get much darker than it did. Anyway, it was a good excuse to stand around and not work ;) Hehe!

I had been waiting to update because I wanted to be able to share ALL of Tiana's baby book, part V, but alas I still have not finished up the last layout. But here's the layout for the newborn hospital pics:

And lookie, I made a boy version too for the other baby book I've been making:

I was going to use the girl baby buggy on Tiana's layout but she is in lurve with that little giraffe so I went with that instead. And from what I hear, she'll be needing this layout like NOW because she went into labor this afternoon (I got that thirdhand, so we'll see if the gossip was accurate whenever we find out when the baby's born). So at least the only layout that still needs to be finished is the first birthday one, so no quick deadline on that one ;)

In other news, we're moving. Not sure when yet, but sooner rather than later...the housing office is making us move so they can renovate our current house, and lucky us we get one of the brand spankin' new just renovated houses. It's another quadplex and we keep two of the neighbors that we have now (the third one is moving back to the States soon) but this time we'll be in one of the interior units instead of on the end. So here are a few good points:
1. Less yard to mow, and no hill in the front yard.
2. Much nicer kitchen instead of '70s reject kitchen.
3. Formal dining room, so we'll have tons of space in the living room now. Or maybe we'll buy an air hockey table for that room....bwahahahaaa!
4. We'll be like half a block away from several of our friends.
5. The house is pre-wired so we won't have ridiculously long cables snaking around everywhere.
6. Lee will be able to build himself a workshop in one of the storage spaces out back.
7. We won't be on the main road, so quieter.
8. Carpet. Woohoo!
9. Nicer bathrooms, and no blue tile that Lee hates.

Some bad points...
1. No hill in the front yard, so I might have to mow wait, if I go do the grocery shopping, that's a get out of yardwork free card! Bwahahaaa!
2. No door on the kitchen, so it'll be fun keeping the kids out of there...and I'm sure they'll mosey on in every time Ree and I leave the house.
3. Moving is a pain.
4. Yeah, I got nothin'. No more bad points, other than moving is a pain. It's enough of a pain that it should get TWO points instead of just one. Maybe three.

We just got offered this new house today and I think the housing office is wanting us to move yesterday. As in, they'd be happy if they could throw us in the new house by Friday. So we'll see how that goes.

And now for the best news of all...we're going back to the States for two weeks next month. And I get to see Liz for the first time in like three years!!


Ok, I feel better now. Color me happy, dude, 'cause I am. I am also excited about getting to see our families, and then I'm excited about Target, and Penney's, and Sonic, and Barnes & Noble. And Tony's...finally, I'll be able to get GOOD Italian food. Please excuse me, I have to go do a happy dance.*

*Walk Like an Egyptian!!


Liz Guidry said...

YAHOOOOO!!! I'm super excited about you coming to visit! I told Jen S. and she is excited too!

That is cool that you are getting a new house. I guess that means that you'll have to do ANOTHER house LO.

Love the baby LO's. Good thing you got Tiana's done if she went into labor! hhehehe

Oh yeah - thanks for the new post. It's not that your toes don't look fab, but come on - TOES?!?!

Can't wait to hear/see about your new abode. Miss you.

Giffysk8s said...

Bet you had fun watching watching your stripey toes do the happy dance! I think you MUST get the Cheshire cat toes before you travel. Everyone will be so jealous! Besides, then your blog can be all about toes again. :)

Sounds like the move will be a good thing! Also sounds like more space in the living room = more space for kokeshi dolls. :) Glad you are happy about it!

LOVE the new layouts!

I am so happy that you get to see Liz! I know it was great for me to see Robyn. Take lots of pix so that you can have another post that isn't all about toes! LOL

CCsMom said...

Yay!!! No more toes when I open your blog. Not that I haven't kissed those toes when they were tiny, but you know -- needed some new news!

I called Adam this evening -- he'll be coming home on Friday via a C-130. I know he's nervous about that, but I told Adrienne to tell him that his mama rode on one TWICE and she lived to tell about it. Told him about you seeing the eclipse and he said, "Hey, I didn't think about Christy being able to see it. How cool!" Didn't it cast an eerie light? Makes all the animals and bugs go silent. It's just weird but cool at the same time.

Anxious to hear about your new house. Where exactly is it located? You can tell me -- I've been there before so if you tell me what it's close to, I'll have a good idea. Ha! And no, I won't think the roads have moved since we were there in September. (And yes, I still do believe some of them did move since we were there in 1979.)

Love and miss you and can't wait to see you next month. You'll be WORN OUT after Liz has you for a few days -- hoarse from talking, I'm sure. Ha! Ha! -- Mom

Zeus and Twinkle Haskins said...

you crack me up!!!
Great card

Excited for you to get a NEW house soon.