Saturday, August 1, 2009

Shuri Castle, Now In Amazing Technicolor!

I realize it's been quite a while since I posted any cool pics of Japanese stuff, but really, we haven't been anywhere since I started working :( A while back though, a friend of Lee's was here on the island for a little bit and they went to Shuri Castle one weekend, so Lee took a few pictures while they were there. He found out about this photo software to make HDR pictures, which stands for High Dynamic Range...basically you take three pictures of the same shot, one at normal exposure, one under-exposed and one over-exposed, and then you use this software to meld the three photos into one. Looks kinda like this...

They were doing some kind of repair work on the left side of the building, that's why Lee only photographed the right side. Anyway, you can also take out color, which I think is a pretty neat effect:

Or make the color extra saturated, like this:

Pretty cool, huh? We may have to buy the software at some point...Lee was messing around with the freebie tryout but it puts a watermark on the photos unless you buy the software. Lee found out about this whole process from Okinawa Living magazine; there's a photographer who's featured regularly in that magazine who does this and the pictures come out looking SO cool. As I understand it, you would use this technique if you're trying to take a picture where you can't get everything properly exposed at the same time--like on this one, if the building looked right, then the sky was pretty much whited out; if the sky looked right, then the building was too dark. So you take several exposures and squish 'em together for this look, and it has this slightly surreal painterly quality to it.

Anyway, it is now 10:00 at night and we are going to bed as soon as the dryer is finished with the dog blanket that's in there now. 4:30 is going to get here mighty early...and this week will probably be a doozie at work. Night night, peeps!


CCsMom said...

Wow, you are one busy chica. We were busy this weekend, too, so I missed you. There is a package on its way to you, though -- so be looking for that by week's end (I'm hoping anyway). Have a great week and love ya!!! Mom

Liz Guidry said...

I gotta get my hands on that program. You'll share when you move back, right?!?!

Miss you!

Giffysk8s said...

Too, too cool! I love the effects!

Hope you had a good week at work. I have been crazy busy. Not getting much crafting done. My dining room has become the craft room. I am soooooooo OCD about things being neat and orderly. My dining room has been driving me CRAZY! I have a bunch of carts on wheels that hold all of my stuff, and then more stuff has been piled on top of the carts. Anyway, I have spent 5 days sorting and reorganizing. I hope to finish this weekend. I'm tired! I'll sleep in tomorrow and then dig my way out. Have an awesome weekend!