Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dogs, Dolls, and...why doesn't "Cards" start with a D? It's messing up my alliteration.

Jamie got back to the island earlier this week and was reunited with her puppy dog Raven, but we still have another visitor in the house:

That's Maggie, snoozing with Vader who is such a sweetie that he gets along with everybody. Maggie and Sadie are both bossy britches, so Ree and I have to referee between them rather frequently, despite Maggie being half Sadie's size (no actual fighting, but a fair amount of growling and the good ol' Elvis Lip). We've had Maggie since last Sunday and I think that she's kind of getting used to us and Sadie though, she's loosened up a lot in the last week. We'll only have her for a few more days I think.

Next week we'll be moving into our new house, I think they move all our furniture and stuff on Thursday. Honestly I'm a teensy bit stressed out about this even though Lee keeps telling me not to's a lot of work to move (even if it is just a short distance) and it will take us time to get unpacked and reorganized. Plus I start a new class next week (Theory and Ideology of International Relations...don't you wish you could be this fascinated?) and then we're hoping to leave here in two weeks to go back to the States for Lee's eye surgery thing (the whole thought of having surgery on one's EYES still gives me the heeby-jeebies in a big way, so better him than me!) Never a dull moment here.

Oh yeah, we *almost* got our first typhoon last week. Then the stupid thing turned and hit Taiwan instead. Is it too much to ask that we get just a teeny tiny little typhoon so we get a day or two off work and I can say I've experienced one? Watch, if we go to the States then they'll get a typhoon here on Okinawa while we're gone. :p

Anyway, week before last at work just really wore me out and since I worked so hard, I figured I deserved a new addition to my kokeshi doll collection. So I went shopping. Three DAYS I went shopping, and I just couldn't find a doll that really caught my eye...I was starting to think that I was losing my kokeshi doll shopping touch. Perish the thought! And then I found her.

Ok, the lighting is terrible because it's already nighttime here but trust me when I say she's twenty times cuter IRL, kay? 'Cause she is. The delightful cherries on her outfit, the sweet expression on her face thanks to those eyelashes...the totally freakin' adorable PIGTAILS!! Yeah, baby. I haven't lost my touch.

Anyway, last month I sent a few more dolls to Vicki (I think I should feel guilty for spawning such an addiction....nah, it's nice to have company!!) Vicki mentioned once that she loves hydrangeas so when I saw these dolls I knew they had to be hers:

I need one of these for my collection. You can't see it in the picture (hope that the new house has better lighting than this one) but there's a smidge of glitter on the flowers. And I love the yellow. I finally got a bunch of clothes I ordered in the mail today, and one thing I got was a yellow tank top :) And an orange shirt! I also got one that has hot pink and white stripes, and Lee told me I looked like a candy cane so I threw a pillow at him.

But I digress. There was another hydrangea-licious kokeshi doll to be had!

Isn't she sweet? She's got some silver on her flowers. Hmm, come to think of it, I need to get this one for my collection too...I don't remember seeing her when I was out searching for my next doll. You know what that means, right? Means I have to go shopping again!! Bwahahahaaaaa!

Anyway, I haven't had the chance to do much stamping lately and it's been bumming me out (see, I coulda stamped if that typhoon had hit here like it was supposed to so I could get an extra day or two off work!!!) so last weekend Lee told me to let the house stay un-vacuumed and go in my craft room and get something creative done. So I did. I needed a few birthday cards for this month and since they should very shortly reach their destinations, I shall go ahead and share them here.

I got a big ol' honkin' box full of new SU goodies, and I hadn't gotten to play with them and they'd been sitting here for like three weeks! So of course I got the new Asian set, Dream Gardens, and I had to use it for one of the birthday cards. I stamped the lady in Chocolate Chip craft ink and heat embossed it with clear embossing powder on top of some patterned paper (Bella Birds by SU, which is now retired). In fact, all three patterns are from the same pack of paper...that's the great thing about how SU sells their paper, the sheets in each pack all coordinate with each other. Anyway, I really liked the way this turned out with the pattern showing in the design on her kimono and fan. So yay.

But wait, there's more!

This was last week's color challenge on Splitcoast, I liked the colors together. Nice and bright. The stamp set is one of the Level 3 hostess sets called Kind & Caring Thoughts, and it's one I pre-ordered because I don't spend enough at one time to get a Level 3 hostess set on my own. I almost didn't get it, and I'm so glad I changed my mind, I really like it. I still have several other stamp sets that I haven't inked up yet, so I hope to do that tomorrow. 'Specially since next weekend I will be reorganizing my stuff in my new house! Oooh, I've got a BUNCH of Stamping Bella stamps that I haven't used yet....including Kettos!


Sparkle said...

Such pretty cards and I love your new dolls.

Toby E. said...

Totally agree on the eye surgery creep out. I can't even stand the idea of contacts no matter how much easier life would be. Putting something on my eye is just a not happening thing!

CCsMom said...

Hey, is that woman in the kimono in the new SU Asian set? If so, I GOTTA have that. Wow, how beautiful. Would look so neat in my Okinawa book (once I get started on it. I'm still gathering. I'm so good at that.)

I'm moving next week (at work) -- so yeah, busy, busy.

Saw a BRAND NEW Jim Shore Tinkerbell. They had the little Tink on her knees at this store, too, but this other one is rather large -- it's two Tinks in one with a scroll between the two -- one side says "naughty" and the other "nice" and he has written names on each side of the scroll. On the "naughty" side, she's written Wendy's name at the bottom in RED. It is really cute. I think it was about $45 if my memory serves me right. And you don't have the JS one of Tink sitting on top of the ABC block, either, do you? It's one where you can take off the lid and store jewelry in. They didn't have that one at the store, but it came out a few years ago. Jim Shore is to be at this Hallmark in October to sign pieces -- you have to purchase them at this store, though, and if you do so beforehand, you only have to stand in the line where he'll be signing. They had a cute, cute Santa holding a wreath that I hadn't seen before. It had all sorts of shells on the wreath and so did his robe. It was really cute. A new one for this year was the reindeer barn with two sticking their heads out and one on the outside being led -- so CUTE. Love it.

Anyway, hope you are doing great. Love ya!!! Mom

Giffysk8s said...

First of all, LOVE the cards! Can't really choose a fave, I like them both for different reasons. Your are so talented!

Love your new doll! When I send you $ for Emma, dolls with pigtails are high on the list. She still plays with mine every single day. She is at least as enthralled with them as we are!

Seeing all of these dolls are your blog reminds me that I never posted them on mine. I didn't want Lori to know I had gotten more, in case she might suspect that I had bought some for her. When I send you $ for Emma, I might need to pad the check with some for me, too. And no, don't feel guilty! Every dependent needs a co-dependent. LOL

I LOVE my hydrangea dolls. I think their twins need to join your circle of friends. :)

Charisse said...

I love the third doll...with the silver in the flowers. GORGEOUS!! Although pigtail kokeshi is wicked!!! :-) I also think its awesome that you are such good doggy sitters. :-)

Good luck on Lee's eye surgery. Eye things freak me out. Totally!!