Friday, August 21, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

So if all goes as planned, Ree and I will be leaving (reaving? nahh) on a jet plane tomorrow and we'll be in the States for about two weeks (the doglets will be living it up at Jamie's house while we're gone). First stop for us is Washington, where we get to see LIZ (and her daughter Autumn and her friend Jen whom I've never bet but I send her emails because she stamps). Second stop, San Antonio where Ree will get his eyes shot at by laserbeams and I get to go shopping with my mom for four days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And my dad, but he won't be as excited about the shopping part as Mom will. *I* am just a teensy bit excited about that shopping bit. Ok, so really, excited about the whole thing ('cept the lasers, I'm glad it's not me having laserbeams shot at my eyes). I actually made a list of things I want to shop for...hey, I get bored in class sometimes, and that keeps me from falling asleep. Bwahahaaa!

Thought I'd leave you all with one last photo before we start skipping time zones, here's a birthday card for the one, the only, the beautiful and amazing Vicki (there's a link to her blog, Canvasses of Poetry and Prose, on the right-hand sidebar).

This is Charlotte Ketto's first outing in my stamp collection, and also the first time I've dared cut up any of my Basic Grey Wisteria paper 'cause I like to hoard. Had to do it since Vicki and I both lurve the color purple (the actual hue, I've never seen the movie). Apparently the lighting in this house isn't any more flattering to my paper crafting creations than our hold house was, but you get the gist.

Now I've just got to go start packing...luckily, I also started a list of things to pack so I hopefully won't forget anything. Class is a great time to write lists. I hope that the next time you see me on here, I'll have some pictures from the States to share! :D


Liz Guidry said...

YAHHOOOO! Can't wait to see you.

Love the card - you mean to tell me that you own other PP besides SU!?! ha ha

Amber said...

Have fun sistah! Liz, take care of our Christy and make sure I get her back when your done:D

Dude, I've been having so much fun shopping, there is TONS of it to do on this island! We went to the outlet malls yesterday for 5 hours, and the day before that we were at Target for 5 hours, lol! FIvE HOURS! I think only you and I can pull that off;)
Miss you, have fun in the states!