Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Next Time I'll Walk, Thanks

I don't particularly like to fly. I have an issue with motion sickness (thanks Dad) so I tend to get a little green around the gills whenever things get even a little bumpy, particularly when the plane is descending to land. We had two flights yesterday, Seattle to Phoenix and then Phoenix to San Antonio. I got queasy on the descent into Phoenix so I was hoping for a two-hour layover in Phoenix followed by a 40-minute flight. What I got was a 40-minute layover that was just long enough to get off one plane and hoof it through the airport just in time to get on the next one, and then a 2-hour flight. Lee made sure that the barf bag was easily accessible but luckily I didn't need it. I just wasn't very good company on that second flight though since I was trying not to get sick. Yick!

I was soooooooooooooooooo happy to be back on solid ground by the time we touched down in Texas last night! I've already been to Target and Sonic because Ree is such an awesome guy, we asked for directions to Sonic when we rented our car and then when we were on our way to our hotel, he very kindly got off the highway and turned around when I spotted a Super Target so I could go pick up a couple of things. Yep, I love my sweetie pie. He's THAT cool.

We had a FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAbulous day and a half (well, probably less than that even) in Washington visiting Liz and her daughter Autumn before we took off for Texas. I've got pictures but until Lee gets back, I don't know how to get them loaded onto the laptop. I'll ask him how tonight since he's having the eye surgery tomorrow so it would be silly to ask after that :p Even then, I'll only be able to share pics from our little camera since our laptop would keel over and die if it had to deal with the big bad mamma-jamma camera, ha! But I'll at least post a few pics here so you know for sure that we ARE back in the States. Not sure why I'd try to pull your leg about that but maybe it's the lack of sleep talking...still not 100% acclimated to the time change. I didn't get up until 11:00 this morning and that was only because the alarm went off! Oops.

WARNING: Rant ahead!

WHO is it that decided it was okay for airlines to charge you to check bags?! 'Cause I want to write him a letter and tell him how much I dislike him...we got charged $40 to check two bags, one for each of us, and of course they'd charge us a whole lot more if either of those bags was overweight and that's on TOP of the airfare. C'mon, over the last several years airline ticket prices have gone up and up while the service they actually provide has gone down. They didn't serve any food on either of our flights yesterday but luckily we were smart enough to get food in the airport before we left Seattle (and SEVENTEEN dollars for two sandwiches? Ridiculous!). And the TSA agents really ARE incredibly rude. One agent told this guy ahead of us in the security checkpoint line that he had to go back and when the guy asked why (politely), the agent very snidely said "because I told you to." Wish I'd seen his nametag...tell you what, the "friendly skies" are most definitely a thing of the past. I can tell you one thing for certain, we won't be doing a whole lot of air travel in the future. And I can tell you from firsthand experience that it is not near so much hassle when traveling abroad, at least in Japanese airports. Arrgh.

Ok, I think it's time for me to take another nap or something. Thanks for listening (reading?) my rant if you got this far. Promise to be happier tomorrow...and I'll post pictures!


Liz Guidry said...

We had a great time with you as well! Autumn has been asking to come to your house (thanks!). She wants to see her hot and wonderfully smelling Aunt! bwhahaha!

Miss you guys already.

Giffysk8s said...

I am SOOOOOO ROFL because we just got back to MA and I HATE HATE HATE to fly! I'm not scared or anything, I just get frustrated by the whole process like you said. Ick.

Anyway, I am so glad that you are on vacay and have already made it to two of your favorite haunts! Glad you got to see Liz. Seeing my BF in July was a breath of fresh air that I keep on breathing. Hope your visit was the same.

Miss you! Hope we can catch up soon! Best wishes to Ree. :)

Amber said...

Dude, I hear you on the luggage thing, I was like WTH when he said "That'll be 40 bucks please"???? I don't know when they started that either, punks.
Glad you had fun!
Did I tell you that I spent 5 hours in Target last week? LOL! Billy was golfing so mom took me to Target, we were there the WHOLE TIME! My mom is such an awesome shopping partner, she just let me shop to my hearts content:)

We're goin camping tomorrow for 4 days, so I'll see ya on the other side, have fun! How's Lee doing?