Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Totally Amazing Packing Ninjas

I meant to blog about this over the weekend but I ran out of time...we are in our new house! The Amazing Japanese Packing Ninjas came and got all our stuff on Thursday and brought it over to the new house that same day--Ree said it took them less than three hours to pack up all our stuff. The new place is pretty much the same layout as the old one, without the blue tile that Ree so despised in the kitchen and bathrooms, and we now have a dining room tacked on to the front of the house instead of having the living area do double duty. Here's some pics:

The dining room...you can see the dog bowls in the front there, so at least the dogs will dine in the dining room on a regular basis (Ree and I are heathens, we eat in front of the TV). Still have that uber-ugly dining room furniture though...it's not ours (I would never BUY something that ugly) but it's on loan to us for as long as we're living on Okinawa. Bleah. But anyway...

There's the kitchen, or at least half of it (it's L-shaped like our last one was). Just to the right are the doors to the laundry room which is actually its own little closet, so that's nice. We have brand new appliances too, and I put up my calendar from Tony's on the fridge...for those of you who don't know, Tony's is the best Italian restaurant in Texas. I'm sad I won't get to go there while we're in the States next week. And do you see what's on the little display area in the upper left of that picture?

My kokeshi doll collection!! Ok, so I have a couple other dolls that didn't really fit there, but most of them are on display here. I want to get a nice display case/curio cabinet for them, and since we now have more space in the living room thanks to the separate dining room, I have a place to put another piece of furniture!

Here's Ree, just chillin' and watching Chronicles of Narnia. Back behind the couch in the corner is our chofa (oversize chair...it's an elision of chair and sofa) and the other corner to the right is empty right now. Yep, big honkin' curio cabinet thing is gonna have to go right there.

Hey look, it's my cutie pie Vader! He's digging the new house.

There's my girl Sadie hanging out in the hallway, and she's already coated everything in the house with a fine dusting of dog hair. Well, it wouldn't be home otherwise. Now onto the most important room of the house...

My craft room! The chofa used to be in here in the old house, but now we have enough space for it to live downstairs so I have lots of extra room in here. Niiiiiiiiiiiice. I got everything all organized and set up how I like it on Sunday but so far I haven't gotten to actually stamp anything in there yet.

So there's my stamp storage cabinets, and the white plastic drawer thingie has my cross stitch stuff inside (most of my stitching stuff is in storage, so everything I brought with me fits in that thing). Those two cabinets don't hold ALLLL my SU stamps, but they've got most of 'em in there. The rest of them are in some bins in the closet.

Yeah, closet. This is only the right half since you can't see it all at one time due to sliding doors. We lost some overhead storage space that we had in the old house, but we've managed to make everything fit here.

And here's the room where I am right now, the computer room. So yep, that's the new house...I figured no one really needed to see bathrooms or the master bedroom or inside the washer/dryer closet or anything :p To celebrate our move to the new house I had to get...

another kokeshi doll, bwahahahaaaa! Now I just need that big curio cabinet so I have a great place to display her and all her friends. And because we weren't busy enough over the weekend, Amber and I had our toes done at Cocok's with the Silent K!

I let her talk me into stripes again. She got the same design so we are still Toe Twinkies. I'm not 100% sure I like this as much as the green stripes but I think it's eye-catching and fun. Too bad I only have one blue shirt that matches this...ok I'm about to be late to class, so check you later peeps!


Amber said...

Hey Toe Twinkie! I am lovin my blue and white toes:D I do love the green too though, I'll have to get that again:)
Dude, we're STILL in Oki! I think we'll get the next flight (2:40 tomorrow morning, so in 7 hours) There are 70 seats on it so we're basically guaranteed a seat. ACK! I'm so sick of getting turned away! We packed all our crap in there TWICE to get turned away, that sh!t gets old!
Anyhoo, I hate hopping. That's all.

Charisse said...

Hey chica. Love the toes. I dig those big fat chofas as you call them. Benjamin used to have one way back in the day. And now my boyfriend and I have one. I call it a fat man chair. I love it. It has an ottoman which makes it the perfect snuggly chair for watching movies and falling asleep. Congrats on the new place and for getting it all organized. We are still in limbo right now with the new house. Its always something, it seems.

Liz Guidry said...

Hhhmmmmm - I wonder what you would call your chofa if it weren't for lil 'ole me? he he

Love your new place and your scrap room is soo nice and organized. Try not to have a heart attack when you come to my place next weekend, k?

Giffysk8s said...

LOVE the toes. LOVE the new place. LOVE LOVE the kokeshi display. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new doll! Drooling with envy over your craft room!

CCsMom said...

Wow, the new house looks GREAT. And I can see you are standing on CARPET. Yay! It's just great, though.

Can't wait to see you next week!!! Counting the days! Love, Mom

CCsMom said...

Forgot to say that I REALLY like this kokeshi doll -- I think she's my favorite. Mom

Crafty Math Chick said...

Congrats on your new home. At least Oki has cloets, Germany didn't when we werwe there. Your kokeshi dolls are ADORABLE! No wonder you are staocking up when you can! My hubby has only one he got when he was TDY there.

Best of luck in your new home Christy.