Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hello My Stamps, How I Have Missed You

My paper is finally just about done...I want to read it through one more time just to make sure it doesn't need to be edited any more, and it's done. I meant to work on it on Friday evening, but instead I sat around and stitched on the project I can't show because it's a gift for someone while Lee and I watched some History Channel program about tattoos of Russian prison gang members, and then we watched L.A. Ink. I think working for Kat Von D would be akin to being in a Russian prison gang, the woman manufactures Drama. :p But anyway, that meant I had to work on the paper on Saturday and I was poky enough writing the last couple pages that I didn't finish till about five. Then Lee and I watched Wolverine and I stitched some more.

But finally this afternoon, I got to do a little bit of stamping: I made twelve multipurpose thank you/Thanksgiving/fall cards. Lookie!

Aren't they purdy? All supplies by Stampin' Up! I used Falling Leaves and Grateful Greetings, plus some patterned paper from the SU holiday mini. Very easy cards, all I used was stamps, ink, and paper. And sponges and dimensionals because I love dimensionals so much I should buy stock in them. I even decorated the inside a bit:

Nothing fancy, but the whole card is pretty simple so I think this fits. So, after making twelve of those and staring at the beautiful colors for so long, I started to think about this one kokeshi doll that I got for Vicki a while back that was in those same colors. Before I knew it, I was in my car and driving to the shop and lo and behold, a new doll has joined our household. And she matches the cards I made today!

Isn't she just totally adorable?! She'll be my "yay I'm finished with another research paper" celebration doll. Last weekend Lee had to go pick up his scuba gear that he had serviced, so I went with him so I could visit the store that sells dolls over by where Tsunami Scuba is. Here are my two "I'm procrastinating about writing my paper" dolls ;)

Wow, I've increased my kokeshi doll collection by four this month. I should write papers more often....NOT!! I have a hard time making myself sit down and actually write the papers. The research part doesn't bother me really, but I take so much time doing reading through the research that it's hard for me to get started on the paper itself. But anyway, I can just about stick a fork in this one.

Wish I had one more day to this weekend so I could do some scrappin, but alas, that will have to wait for next weekend. I think that this is the last week of my current class, so maybe I'll have to get an "I survived the final exam" kokeshi doll. JUST KIDDING, LEE!!

Sort of. :D


Cindy said...

Christy, I love the kokeshi dolls you keep posting and collecting. You've made me want to start collecting them. I have family in Japan (half Japanese) and wonder where you are getting them. Will you please let me know? I'd love to get some more (only have one.) Love your blog, your fun spirit, and creations!

CCsMom said...

Yeah, they have kokeshi dolls in EPCOT. Seriously! Cracked me up. Very nice -- loved the cards.

Yep, I had to check out your blog before I got off the computer for the evening. Hope you are doing great. Love ya!! Mom

Giffysk8s said...

I do not know how I missed this post! I am scrolling through looking for our Dream Gardens card, and saw this. I LOVE THE DOLLS YOU SENT ME!!! Yes, know I am shouting, but I just can;t help it cuz I love her so much!!! And now I need to make those Thanksgiving cards. I am soooo out of time for cardmaking, and those are quick and easy. I am so gonna copy you! And you know how much I LOVE fall colors!

Giffysk8s said...

Boy is that post full of typos. Sorry!