Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sanjusangen-do and Sam's

I really meant to update the ol' bloggy-poo over the weekend but I just didn't get to it before bedtime on Sunday. So now I'm using my lunch break to upload some pictures because I know how you all are constantly checking here for updates (yeah, right...heh!)

Anyway, on our first day of unsupervised wandering about Kyoto, Lee and I found our way to Sanjusangen-do, a Buddhist temple. It's the longest wooden building in Japan (and maybe the world?) and houses 1,001 Kannon, which are multi-armed statues of Buddha (not chubby happy Buddha from the local Chinese restaurant, but warrior lots-of-arms Buddha). They were pretty impressive to see, but you couldn't photograph them because the monks consider it rude to do so, plus they want you to buy the postcards and picture books at their gift shop :p So here's the wall and stuff around the temple building:

Your eyes do not deceive you, it is traffic cone orange. I thought of you, Liz. Actually we saw more than one shrine/temple that was painted all orange. We have proof that I was there, but no photographic proof of Lee...

You can see the orange wall behind me, and this little pondy area was to one side of the temple. Here's some of the artwork adorning the roof of the temple:

I kinda want one on the roof of my house, he's fun. For whatever reason I don't think we tried to take a picture of the temple building itself, just a couple parts and pieces of decorations, like this one:

They do some beautiful flowers. I think I got a set of postcards that has a picture of the statues inside the temple, but I'll have to scan that in later to share here. Trust me when I say that it was impressive--you walk and walk and walk and there are literally hundreds of these statues staring at you, each with about a dozen arms. And there's a great big one in the middle. The temple was started in 1164, and then rebuilt in 1266 after a fire, so the current building has been there for over seven HUNDRED years. Holy Buddhist temple, Batman.

Anyway, while we were looking around inside, it started raining, and when we left the temple we were treated to this sight:

Very cool. We did an all-day tour on Sunday and didn't realize this temple was on the tour itinerary so we visited this place twice. The second time we didn't go in since tours are always in such a rush to get you everywhere, so we just wandered around the grounds a bit looking for a vending machine (because all good temples have vending machines, naturally), and we met two junior high schoolgirls from Tokyo who (in very good English) asked us where we were from and if we would write them a message as part of a school project. So we did. Wish we'd gotten a picture of them, they were so polite.

So yesterday was our anniversary (although if you want to get technical about it, we hit the actual time of the wedding at 9 o'clock this morning) and we decided to go out to dinner at Sam's by the Sea. And the staff at Sam's seems very concerned that you not get anything on your clothes while dining there...

Oh yeah, rockin' the Sam's bib. I had to pinky swear Lee that if I posted a picture of him in a bib, I had to post one of myself too, and since I am SO nice I even put mine up here first. I kind of have a surprised expression though, don't you think? Here's Lee in all his bib-ariffic glory (minus the peace sign):

Great food. We ate too much, so it's probably a good thing that we don't go there too terribly often. When Lee's parents come out here next month, I'm going to try to talk his dad into ordering this one thing that involves a flaming sword. I so just want to see it.

Check out the cool salt and pepper shakers too:

I think I need some of those for my house, don't you? I think my dad got some last year, I should ask how much they cost...

And on that note, I am out of time for my lunch break, but I shall return in a couple days to share more pictures from Kyoto :)


Giffysk8s said...

Well, yes, some of us do constantly troll your blog looking for new posts. I get up, grab my coffee, read the news, then check your blog. Without your blog, I'd have to jump straight to FB, and it's just too early for that. LOL

Cool architecture, awesome ornamentation, but orange? I think it's more like Holy Pumpkin, Batman!

Love the bibs! And it's been a long time since you posted any peace sign pics, so I was happy to see one. :)

Liz Guidry said...

Love that building. I think I will build a house with 1001 rooms and paint it bright off to win the lotto.

Happy anniverssary! You forgot to tell us what number, though.

Hurry up and post some scrappin stuff too!!!

CCsMom said...

Those tiki salt and pepper shakers ran about $15, I believe, which Dad thought was TOO MUCH. Hey, we'll "will" them to you. Ha!

Really neat about that building. Looks like it is kept up very well. Looks NEW, REALLY. Wow.

Oh, and this was Christy and Lee's SIXTH anniversary -- happy anniversary, Dynamic Duo!

Gonna eat dinner. Bee's costume is on its way. Love ya! Mom