Saturday, October 31, 2009


Ah, I love Halloween. What's not to love about a holiday that revolves around costumes and candy? And oh yeah, DOG costumes!!

I just love the look on Vee's face, I think he's sticking his tongue out at Lee.

Vee is always a good sport about putting on a costume.

Isn't he just totally adorable? And heroic? Y'know, in a doggy kind of way. Ok, ok, so the bandanna head thingie kinda makes him look like Little Red Riding Hood, but whatever.

Of course, we couldn't leave Sadie out of this...

Although she wishes we would. Heh. She didn't put up as much of a fight this year about getting in her costume as she has in years past, though.

"Fine, take my picture, but I refuse to smile for the camera!"

Yep, she's cute too. I think we'll need to put on the costumes again tomorrow so I can get a photo of Bee and Vee together, we really didn't take that many this year, probably because Lee was busy making dinner and didn't want it to burn just so he could satisfy my desire for oodles of goofy Halloween pictures of our dogs. Right after we took these pictures, I took the kids down to Scott and Tiana's house to show off their costumes. Unfortunately they both kept walking out of the front legs of the costumes *and* it was raining, bummer. So like I said, I see a mini costume redux tomorrow after I get out of class. The costumes should be dried out by then too; we got totally soaked even though we were only outside for like 10 to 15 minutes.

We got one more treat this Halloween, lookie!

We still have three orchid plants in our house, but for pretty much the entire last year all we've had is leaves, no flowers. This plant *finally* bloomed this week, much to our excitement. This is one of the teeny orchid plants that I got on our anniversary last year. The other two plants are green and seem to be healthy enough, they're just not interested in blooming right now. They seem to like where we have them in this house better than where they were in our old house though, so maybe we're making progress.

Anyway, it's pretty much time for me to head on off to bed. I've got class all day in the meantime, happy howl-oween!


CCsMom said...

Congrats on the orchid success. How cool is that?!!! Wow, I am impressed. Loved the look on Sadie's face in the first photo. I do not know why they don't put elastic in the bottoms of these dog costume "sleeves" so the dogs don't walk out of them. I hate to put rubber bands around their ankles, but I imagine that would work in a pinch and if you weren't going to keep them in the costumes for very long. Vader was a real sport, I must say. He even looked like he enjoyed it. Maybe he gets his cue from Lee who didn't mind so much dressing up as a pirate.

Love ya! Mom

Giffysk8s said...

Very cute! Love them! Indy and Wylie won't let me put any costumes on them at all. I finally stopped trying. But Tiffany doesn't know any better yet! LOL

Happy Howloween bact\kacha!

Liz Guidry said...

Great pics of the kids! Love their costumes :)