Saturday, October 3, 2009

What's a Spocha?

I was so lazy this morning, it was awesome. I didn't roll out of bed until 9:45. I'm done with class...I got my essay back on Thursday (I got an A, I think because the professor was impressed by my use of words like "deleteriously" and "quiescence") and took my final, so that class is done and I am now officially at the halfway point of my masters. Guess I should hurry up and register for my next class, but I'll put that off till at least tomorrow ;) Anyway, instead of making a whole bunch of cards like I said I would today, I worked on my super secret stitching project a whole bunch. I have done several square inches of WHITE, and let me tell you, I'm getting tired of white. But that's all the clues you'll get as to what it is I'm stitching :p at least until it's done and given to the recipient.

Anyway, since I don't have any card-y or scrapbook-y pictures to share, and we haven't uploaded most of the pictures from our trip back to the States yet, I thought I'd post some pics from early August, when Ree and I went to Spocha/Round 1 with Missy and Bennet. I have no clue what a Spocha is, so I'm guessing it's Japanese for "ginormous six-story building with a humongoloid bowling pin on top." Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the outside of the building. Inside is a whole bunch of stuff, like some basket ball courts where we played Horse:

Huh. Missy's basketball method is oddly similar to my bowling method. What was really funny is that Bennet was the worst of all of us :p I thought for sure I'd get to horse first.

Then there were some massage chairs:

These were pretty fun, but of course the controls were all in Japanese so I couldn't tell what button I hit to make the thing try to eat my legs from the knee down.

Then there were the mini bikes. Oh yeah, check out the Road Warriors:

I especially like the demented look on Lee's face, don't you? I couldn't go on them because I was wearing sandals (I apparently missed the memo that said to wear tennis shoes that day) but then we wouldn't have these hilarious pictures if I'd been out there too. Here's Ree...

And Missy...I couldn't get a pic of Bennet by himself, he must have been driving too fast :p

And the end of the "race"...

Do not ask me why there is a girl dressed up like a giant bowling pin (look behind Bennet), because I have no idea. Still no idea why there's a giant bowling pin on top of the building either. Anyway, they also had a whole bunch of old arcade games, a mechanical bull, batting cages, and I forget what else. We had a pretty good time out there and then we went to dinner at Chili's where I finally got to try the chocolate chip molten lava cake. It's alright (better than the white chocolate one), but nothing can touch the original, all-chocolate version. Yum.

While I was going through photos tonight, I also found this one of Arrie and me at her farewell lunch at Naps:

Aren't we cute in stripes? I think so. Arrie is now back in Washington and I miss her, Okinawa doesn't seem as fun without her. Maybe I should try out those mini bikes and see if that helps...


Giffysk8s said...

Of course it would, especially if it was immediately followed by a molten chocolate cake!

THis shirt reminds me of your stripedy toes (a Tigger phrase. LOL)

Congrats on being 1/2 done!

CCsMom said...

Yep, that's MY kid for sure. You make me crack up. Where was this arcade located? Looks pretty fun. Isn't it weird when you go somewhere and you don't see any other Americans?

It's raining here and cooler. I LOVE it.

Hope you get good weather for your trip and really enjoy it. Love ya!! Mom

Thoughts by B and M said...

oh yea! I have mad basketball skills! ;)