Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cocok's Toes: The Christmas Edition

I took Lee's mom to Cocok's with the silent K on Friday morning, along with Amber, Jamie, and Missy, so here is the Christmas edition of Cocok's toes (I'll try not to leave this post at the top forever and a day so you're staring at toes for a long time, but no promises). We usually go to Cocok's about once every six weeks, so we'll still have these designs when Christmas rolls around (which is coming up sooner than I'd like to think, I have some shopping to do!) Here's Amber's toes:

She said they were supposed to have red on them, or at least the picture on the book did. I think they look really cool, but I just can't do black or white on my toes--I like COLOR!

So I got bright red. This is the first time I've gotten red toes at Cocok's; with the white flowers, I figured they're festive but not necessarily Christmas-y so if I wanted to, I could get this design any time of the year (or at least, any time of the year that I wanted red toes). But so far I have not gotten the same design twice :)

Here's Jamie:

I love that she has flip flop tan lines on her feet, don't you? ;) It's a purple background with white snowflakes, and then they painted clear glitter all over the top so it sparkles a lot in real life.

Missy also went for the Christmas toes:

It's a little hard to tell in the photo, but it's a red background with holly. I think I should have gotten a little bit closer to take the picture, but my friends probably think I'm a teensy bit odd taking pictures of their toes anyway, snort!

Here's Nancy, her very first Cocok's experience:

She *almost* got this one pattern of Santa and his reindeer (Santa on one toe, a reindeer on each of the other toes) but then she decided to go for this one instead, kind of fern leaves.

Ok, so my illicit computer time is over...I stayed home today while Lee took his parents up to the aquarium so I could read for my class. My goal is to finish at least 100 pages today, which would mean finishing the book I've been working on for a while...if I'm lucky, maybe I can start the next book too. We'll see, but I'd better get crackin'!


Giffysk8s said...

LOVE them all! But boy oh boy, am I jealous of Jamie's toes! Purple and snow: two of my favorite things! I want those toes!!! But that would make it awfully hard for Jamie to walk, wouldn't it?

CCsMom said...

Just got back from NEW MOON. Awesome! I am so "Team Jacob". I didn't think Edward looked so white as you thought -- Carlisle in the first movie was over the top white. At any rate, great movie. Was Stephanie in this one? She was in the first and I only noticed the last time I watched it here at home. Pulled an Alfred Hitchcock and Stephen King, she did. Ha! But yeah, super movie. Since we went so long after it first came out, most of the audience was more in my age group. Ha! Have a great day. Love, Mom