Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!

It is already Thanksgiving Day here in Japan, so I am writing this blog post in between batches of yet more pumpkin cookies. I made this apple streusel cheesecake bar thing earlier and still have to do a berry cobbler (although I'm cheating on that, the cobbler will not be from scratch. But Lee and his dad chose that over a homemade cherry-raspberry pie, CRAZY I tell you but that's what they want). I've also got a cranberry mandarin candle on the candle warmer downstairs so my house smells pretty amazing at the moment :) We're going to get started with the feeding frenzy in about two hours.

So in honor of Turkey Day, how 'bout a card?

I kinda copied the idea out of the SU catalog, although I changed up all the colors and the stamp used and their card wasn't related to Thanksgiving and they didn't use patterned paper and ok, so I guess the only thing that's the same is the basic layout but I like it ok? I actually managed to get a bunch of these sent out ON TIME to my peeps back in the States!

And look what I got in the mail earlier this week!

It's a totally GOJUS and PURPLE Thanksgiving card from Vicki, isn't it fabulous? I love it, Miss Vicki! Darn, I may have to get that patterned paper now, hehehe!

So Happy Thanksgiving wherever you may be, and have a safe and happy holiday weekend. I've got 30 seconds till the next batch of cookies is ready to come out of the oven, so TTFN!

P.S. If anyone sees my parents, tell 'em I've been looking for them. My mom hasn't even commented on here in, like, forever. *sob* I miss my mommy! And Dad too. Really!


Amber said...

Heehee, I'm the proud owner of TWO of your turkey day cards, yeah!;)
Mz Vicki, you're card is scrumptious too! Love that leaf paper!
Christi, I read your comment on my blog about the Terracotta paper, you want a couple sheets? Or you want me to order you some in my next order?:D Hey, what kind of friend would I be if I didn't entice you to spend money, bwahhaa!
Billy and I had so much fun at your house today! What a fun group that was, we should do it again:) Love you girlie:)

Giffysk8s said...

Hey, girl! Glad you like your card, even though it's a total rip-off of the one you made first! LOL You know me and purple. Just couldn't resist! LOVE the card you sent me. That turkey is too cute! And you're right~the layout is perfect and I am so gonna copy you again! You'd think I would just the SU catalog. But it's more fun to stalk your blog and copy you. :)

And yes, thank you Amber for creating a PTI shopping frenzy. LOL

It's late at night at your house, but happy belated Thanksgiving!!!

CCsMom said...

You need to check your email, kiddo! I have been emailing. And I, too, am in the midst of baking my first batch of your fabulous pumpkin cookies for our Thanksgiving with Tommie and Cindy. Wish me luck. I am even baking with cardamom! Took me forever to find it in a STORE. Oh my gosh. I just tasted one. I think I am in HEAVEN. YUM! Forgot how totally scruptuous they are.

I have been busy working (Wednesday) and getting your first package ready for the post office. The woman there said it looked as though Christmas was beginning early this year. There was a young woman sending a present off to her husband in the desert, too. So yeah, be on the look-out for this package. I INSURED it.

I know you are having a great time with Larry and Nancy. It's 3:45 a.m. there now and you'll look forward later today to getting your toes done at Cocok's (with the silent "k") with Nancy while Lee golfs with his dad. You need to post pictures!!! I hope the weather is excellent and I know they will have a wonderful time. I'm thinking back to when we were there. Most enjoyable trip ever!!!

So will talk to you soon hopefully and enjoy. I miss you, miss you, but I've definitely been thinking of you. Love, Mom