Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kiyomizu, Kimonos, and Crepes

I meant to update the blog a couple days ago but time just got away from me. For once I'm fairly satisfied with what I managed to accomplish during the weekend--I got a LOT done on my super secret stitching project (so it *will* be done for Christmas, yay); I made 20 Thanksgiving cards (haven't taken a picture yet though); I cleaned up quite a bit of stuff around the house and did laundry; did some reading for class; and I designed my Christmas cards and cut all the cardstock for them. They'll be super-simple this year but I figure that's okay since I'm working full time and doing school this year. They *have* to be simple or else they won't go out on time ;)

So anyway, here's the next installment of Kyoto pics. I forget what number we're up to :p but today's pictures are all from the Kiyomizu-dera shrine which is up in the mountains. Well, maybe foothills, but definitely elevated from the main part of town. So here's most of the buildings that belong to this particular shrine:

The famous thing about this place is the three springs. If you drink from one, you're supposed to be blessed with good health; another is wealth, and the third is wisdom, but a lot of the Japanese believe that if you drink from all three then the gods think you're too greedy and you get nothing. Ha! Here's where you drink from whichever spring you choose:

While we had a discussion about which spring would be the "best" one to drink from, we didn't do it since we were there with a tour group and there's just not enough time to do things like that *and* take pictures if you don't want the tour guide to strand you there while they go on to the next stop. Actually this was our last stop of the day, and we were here in the "golden hour" right before sunset when everything seems to glow.

If you look at the first picture again, this one directly above where I'm typing is the building on the far left. Just past it is a stone that has "Buddha's footprints" on it, and legend has it that if you touch the footprints then it will wash away all your sins.

Not to be disrespectful, but if those are Buddha's footprints then he was related to Bigfoot. And he had monkey toes. Here's a view of the city from where we were:

Little bit hazy and unfortunately we noticed we have some schmutz on our camera lens, it just shows up really bad in that picture.

Guess what else I photographed? Kimono butts!!!!!!!!!!

Been a long time since we had kimono butts featured on the ol' bloggypoo, huh? Bwahahahaaaa!

I seriously would like to get myself a kimono before we leave here, I think they're so gorgeous (not just the butts, but the front too). And check out Hello Kitty in the shop window to the left :) To get to Kiyomizu, we had to walk up a winding street lined with souvenir shops (lots of kokeshi dolls but they were overpriced, although I did buy some postcards) before we actually reached the shrine itself. And then coming back we had to remember our landmarks so we could find the bus again; one was a Spider-Man out in front of a shop, and another landmark was a truly ginormous teacup on the roof of another shop. On our way back to the buses, Ree and I decided to try some authentic Japanese cuisine.

Stuffed crepes at IHOP! Ok, so it's not IHOP, but it is stuffed crepes. They all looked so good...

'cept those ones with the hot dogs in the middle. Say it with me now: bleh. Ree and I got crepes with bananas, strawberries, chocolate sauce, and more whipped cream than you can shake a stick at. When we got back on the bus, everyone else in our tour group was jealous.

Hey look, it's us!! When we were looking through all our photos from the Kyoto trip at the airport on our way back, we realized just how few pictures we were actually in, so we said we should cut ourselves out of this photo and just Photoshop us on top of at least one photo from every other location. I still think that would be funny but we didn't do it :p


CCsMom said...

Yes, you are going to have quite the scrapbooking project when you get back to the States. Wow! Wonderful pictures. I'm jealous. So glad you got to take this trip. You will remember it for a lifetime.

Great talking to you this evening (my morning). And so relieved that Lee got his test problems worked out. Yay!!!

Have a wonderful week. Love you! Mom

Giffysk8s said...

How delish do those crepes look? YUM!

LOVE the kimono butts. LOL They really are beautiful. What color are you gonna get?

Love all your pics, especially the one with the tree branch, of course.

Can't believe you designed your Christmas cards! I worked on my TG cards yesterday, and will do so more today. I wish I had your energy, girl!

Liz Guidry said...

No wonder why you weren't around to chat with me this weekend: you were taking pics of butts, touching feet, and stuffing your face with crepes *SOBS* I see where I stand!!! ;)