Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kyoto Station

Lee and I both had today off of work, it was great. I think we should *always* get Wednesdays off from work ;) I've been super-busy this week, I worked an hour over on both Monday and Tuesday, and this one computer system I use has been acting up a lot so it's been a frustrating couple of days. That's why having today off was extra nice, and the weather was so gorgeous this morning it would have been totally criminal not to take the dogs out for a walk. Luckily Sadie has given up her career as a bowling ball so it's once again safe to go outside with her. I think she got scared when she knocked me over a couple weeks ago.

Anyway, a month after we went to Kyoto I'm finally coming near the end of our pictures from the three-day trip we took ;) I think I'll only have two more posts after this and then I'll have to find something else to talk about. So today's post is about Kyoto Station, which is a really big train station. And bus station. And six-story mall. There's also an underground mall/shopping area thing too, which is where we went to Subway for lunch. Um, weird. The topping choices include things like shrimp and avocados and tuna salad, and NO ranch dressing. But back to the station itself...

There are a series of really long escalators to take you to the upper levels of the station, so here's the view from about the midpoint. There's a roof over the center of the main entrance to the station, but it's also open to the air. The next picture is from the same spot, just turned around 180 degrees towards the top.

I can imagine that this airy setup would be a little bit on the not-fun side when it gets really cold and rainy, but since we had gorgeous weather when we were there, it was awesome. It's hard to get a real good sense of the size of this place from our pictures, but trust me, it was HUGE. Too bad we didn't get a photo of the outside of it.

This pic (above) was taken from pretty much the top of the station. The sides of the building are all made out of reflective glass so Lee was trying to get a cool reflection shot here.

I thought it was funny to come across New Orleans' famous Cafe' du Monde in Japan. Too bad we'd just eaten when we were here taking pictures, I wouldn't have minded a beignet. (Did I spell that right? Been a few years since my last French class...) I don't think you can see it in the picture, but the dining area with the streetlights also has French Quarter street signs. I can't remember which streets they were but I did recognize the names when I read them since Lee and I have been to the French Quarter. We took a couple of ghost tours there, it was awesome. But I digress.

I think I mentioned before that there's a city ordnance that no buildings are to be taller than 60 meters (Kyoto Station is that tall). They made an exception for the Kyoto Tower, which is supposed to kind of look like a candle according to our tour guide (we didn't tour the station with a group, but the guide mentioned it when we were running all over Kyoto the day prior to when we took these pics). The tower is reflected in the glass on the front side of the station and I thought we had some pictures of that but I didn't see 'em when I was choosing pictures for this post.

And there's the tower at night from the same spot. We ate dinner at a restaurant in the station one night since it was right across the street from our hotel.

Pretty impressive for a train station, huh?


Giffysk8s said...

Quite impressive! I LOL when I saw the donut shop next to Cafe de Monde. Didn't know donuts were big there, too.

I, for one, have enjoyed your pics, espeically since I will probably never venture there myself. So keep 'em, coming!

Glad the Miss Sadie has decided to stop scoring stirkes with you. :)

Giffysk8s said...

Don't know why there's a comma after 'em. LOL Need more coffee!

Alexis said...

Great post, as always! Thanks for sharing!

I came across this stamp set today and can't recall seeing any of them here on your blog so I thought I'd post the link. I remember reading that you like the oriental stamps and these are So Cute!