Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lots of Birthday Cards

I've made a bunch of birthday cards in the last several weeks and I *still* missed several birthdays. Plus I'm terribly late sending out some of the cards I did make...sigh. This whole work-school-crafting time balance is still a work in progress. First up is a Halloween card, which doubles as my friend Jeng's birthday card because his birthday is on Halloween.

So I put a Halloween sentiment in the ones I sent out for Halloween, and happy birthday inside Jeng's. But I haven't sent out Jeng's yet because I am a bad friend. :p

Next up is something girly...

I love hummingbirds, they're so pretty. My great-grandmother had a bunch of hummingbird stuff in her house as well as a feeder outside her kitchen window. I remember sitting very still in the kitchen with a camera poised and ready, trying to get a picture of the birds as they came to the feeder...those little things are fast!!

Ok, how about a fall birthday card?

This one's for my brother. The card base is a really saturated orange color, the colors are off in the photo since I took it at night but what can you do. I need to get this one sent out ASAP but it's probably still going to be a bit late.

One last card for my buddy Amber, whose birthday is TODAY!

I think I need to put glitter in the flower centers, whatchoo think?

There's the inside of Amber's card. It's her fault I own that flower stamp set; I borrowed hers and then just had to get one for myself. Ha! We're going to go out to lunch tomorrow to celebrate her birthday and I got her a really cool present. Ok, probably not as cool as a Cricut Expression, but I suppose her hubby is allowed bragging rights for best prezzie :)


Giffysk8s said...

A definite yes on the glitter! )What;d you expect me to say?)

Have fun! Love that stamp!

Melissa A said...

Thank you for the bday card! I always love seeing what card you make for me each year.
Love, Mel

CCsMom said...

Love the cards. Was telling Joel about the sign from the previous post. I wrote down what it says. He said there is some website posting things like that. I'll ask him tomorrow what it is and let you know. How funny.

Ebaying it again -- bidding on several Joan Elliott holiday cross stitch patterns. I'm hooked.

Love ya, kiddo! Mom