Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Obi and Meeeeeeeeeeee

Yes, I am totally singing that to the tune of the old My Buddy jingle. So I went to a bazaar with Lee and Missy on Saturday morning and lookie what I got!

This is an obi, which is the sashy thing that goes around a kimono, and here in Japan it is possible to buy obi that have been folded in a decorative fashion. They have ones meant to sit on a table, ones to hang on the wall (like mine), and some that are meant to hang on a curtain rod kind of like a valance. I think I mean a valance. Anyway, this one is all miiiiiiiiiiine. Look what's on it:

GOLD SHISHI DOGS!!! Bwahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Ok, so this obi didn't jump out at me and scream BUY ME quite as much as the one I got last year for my mom (hers was a beautiful plum color brocade with roses, and I knew it was *perfect* for her the minute I saw it) but I figured that two weeks from now, I'd be kicking myself if I didn't get this one. So I got it. It's already hanging up in our dining room, and the longer I've had it, the more I like it. It's got some bubble wrap in the rosette that's to keep it from getting squished in transport and some little plastic things on the end of the tassels to keep them from fraying; I haven't taken all that stuff off yet. Wonder if I should just leave it on there for now, after all we'll be moving in a year.

Anyway, I was technically trying to do Christmas shopping, not Christy shopping, but look what else came home with me...

Doesn't she just have the sweetest face? I love her. She's sitting on my kitchen counter right now along with two friends and every time I get a new doll, the need for a curio cabinet grows. Sooner or later we will get one to display my kokeshi doll collection. I did do some Christmas shopping, but I think you can understand if I don't post pictures of all *that* stuff on here, lol!

Speaking of sweet, I spent most of Sunday making cookies. Check this out:

Sunday morning I opened up my pantry to take stock of my baking supplies since I will be making a few things for Thanksgiving, and this is what I found--no fewer than TEN bags of assorted flavors of chocolate chips. And this is what I keep on hand when I'm not planning to bake anything in particular. So yes, it is distinctly possible that I am slightly batty (I would have said nutty, but I don't keep *that* many nuts on hand for baking). So like I said before, I made cookies.

Three batches of cookies. I *finally* got some canned pumpkin after searching for it for several months, but I could only find gigundor cans of it and since there's been a shortage, I figured I'd better make one can really count. So I got three batches of cookies out of it. There's a good reason for why I hoard chocolate chips, our store sometimes runs out of random things so if I keep all those on hand, then whenever I get a craving for something in particular I don't have to worry about whether or not I can get the ingredients right then. See, I can rationalize anything that has to do with chocolate and consuming mass quantities of chocolate. Especially in cookie form. Or brownie form. I have been known to eat brownie sundaes for breakfast. But I digress. Want to see a closeup of the yummy cookies?

These are my famous white chip macadamia nut pumpkin cookies (you see why I just call 'em pumpkin cookies?) A lot of people think it sounds weird at first, but once they try the cookies, they love 'em. Even Lee, who is not a big sweets person, loves these--I think he grabbed at least a half a dozen of them while I was baking. I sent some to a friend who's birthday is coming up, and then the rest went to a fundraiser where Lee works.

So like I mentioned yesterday, Lee and I have both been working some crazy hours. I worked two hours over today and boy howdy, were my dogs glad to see me when I came home. Poor little kidlets. It's 8:00 right now and Lee's not home yet, although he should be soon; he's been working on a paper for his class after everyone else leaves work. I had an event to go to last night so I didn't even see Lee until after 8:30, but I wanted to let him know that I was thinking about him so...

Nothing says "I love you" like Taco Bell hot sauce. I brought home all these sauce packets because this is the only hot sauce Lee likes.

Yes, I realize I am a ginormous goober for writing messages with hot sauce packets, and even more so for photographing it. But maybe that's why Lee loves me :p And I think exhaustion is making me even goofier than normal. Ever been so tired that you just can't sleep? Story of my life this week. And I have so many new DVDs that I haven't gotten to watch yet because I've been so busy at work (haven't even gotten to do any schoolwork, which is baaaaaaaad). By hook or by crook, I am SO watching Star Trek this weekend!


Giffysk8s said...

The fact that you will write messages out of Taco Bell Hot Sauce packets is why we ALL love you!

LOVE your obi! It is so pretty! And you know I totally love the kokeshi doll! Her face is adorable! My favorite part (besides the purple, of course) are the little wisps of hair on the sides of her face. So dang adorable!

I am dying to make those cookies, but am resisting the urge. Not WW friendly, at least in the quantity that I would likely consume them. :)

Hope Lee is feeling better. :)

Liz Guidry said...