Friday, November 27, 2009

Standing Room Only at New Moon

So Amber and I STOOD for the entire movie. Oh yeah, we did. Then we snuck around to the side and ran out the door as soon as the end credits started so we wouldn't get stuck in a massive traffic jam. I'll try to be non-spoiler-y in case I have any blog readers who haven't seen the movie yet.

Movie Jacob is waaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy hotter than Movie Edward, who looks like he's wearing lipstick most of the time. Mom, Amber says she definitely doesn't think you're crazy for having a crush on Jacob. Whoops, I just outed you to the entire Internet!!! Good thing for you that I only have three readers, bwahahahahahaaaaaa!

All hail the return of the SteadyCam. I mean really. That whole hurky-jerky shaking the camera thing? SO last season. Ok, really I never liked it at all and found the shaking thing totally irritating on Twilight, so I was super happy that New Moon did not make me seasick.

We wondered if the tweens were going to be super loud and obnoxious, but we think it's the guys who were hooting and hollering the most. At one point we weren't sure if they were wolf whistling (haha, get it?) Sam Uley or Harry Clearwater. The funny part was when the movie was just about to start, half the theater started shushing the other half. And then people talked anyway, me and Amber included. We're wondering if we need new t-shirts...I did see several girls wearing shirts that said Team Edward on the front, and then "but dang, Jacob is sexy!" on the back. Maybe Amber and I should get some of those shirts...

Ok, so it's like past midnight and I'm starting to go 'round the bend with fatigue, so I'm going to cut it off here. G'night everybody!!

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CCsMom said...

Too funny. So it was a good movie after all. I definitely HAVE to see it sometime this weekend. I was trying to recouperate from the early morning shopping I did. And then we went to lunch with Adrienne and Adam. Read your email . . . I need an answer on the question I asked there about the package you sent. Love ya! Mom