Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Howlidays

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was very quiet, just me and Ree and three dogs (we're taking care of Raven while Jamie and Dean are back in the States for the holidays). Didn't take a whole lot of pictures for Christmas but I thought I'd share a few today...I am, once again, procrastinating about writing a paper ;) and I hadn't blogged in a while so here I am.

First up are pictures that my awesome mom sent me. This year I cross stitched presents for my good buddy Liz and my sister-in-law Adrienne, and then I sent them to my mom and she had them framed. These were my two "mystery projects" for this year that I couldn't tell what I was stitching since they were gifts; I stitched Liz's present this summer and started Adrienne's when we were back in Texas for Lee's eye surgery. So here they are, starting with the one for Liz:

Liz looooooooooooves all things fall. My mom sent me this cross stitch pattern a while back with the note that she got it because she thought Liz would like it; I'd had the fabric and thread to make it for a long time but didn't get to it until this year. Mom says the picture doesn't do it justice but I'll have to take her word for it since I didn't get to see it after it was framed. This is my first finished project on linen which will mean nothing to you if you're not a stitcher, but let's just say I generally work on aida so this was a learning experience. The fabric is actually a mossy green color, I don't think it photographed too well.

Here is Adrienne's gift:

Adrienne loves gingerbread houses for Christmas decorations, so this seemed perfect (can't do anything with Santa Claus on it because my brother is afraid of the Man in Red. Seriously.) This pattern was out of one of the British cross stitch magazines; I have to say I like their stuff better than the American ones anymore--the one I get most often is Cross Stitch Gold, and they have a lot bigger and more intricate patterns than the American magazines. This one wasn't intricate at all, it was just a good-size project (about 10 inches square). You can't hardly tell in the photo but the fabric is pale blue and has silver thread woven into it. I only finished this one just before Thanksgiving so I was glad that it got framed in time for Christmas.

I spent most of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day watching movies and stitching so I guess you could say I had a merry stitch-mas :) I'm now working on a project for myself, an orange crate label that is a lot more involved than either of these two projects were. I'll probably start posting status pictures of it after the new year; this is going to be a BIG project but I've gotten a good start on it already. Which is probably why I haven't written my paper yet :p

How about some fun dog pictures? Woohoo!

Jamie, I want you to know that it was a big argument to get even this picture of Raven in an elf hat. For one, the hat is a little too small for his noggin, and for another, he really didn't want to cooperate. You can *forget* trying to get a picture of him with Sadie and Vader in their Christmas finery, that so was not going to happen. I love how Sadie is in the background of this picture laughing at Raven. Just wait, little girl, your time is coming.

See? Bwahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! She's looking at Lee like, "Please help me!" Hey, I didn't get nearly enough funny Halloween pictures this year, so that's why she got stuck modeling an elf hat for Christmas. That and I'm evil. Bwahahahaaa! Oh wait, I said that already.

Vader is generally much more cooperative about these kinds of things than Sadie is. I think once we edit out the white eyes due to the flash, this should go in our Christmas cards next year :) I love it!!

We took one without the flash so you can actually see they're not devil dogs, but it came out pretty grainy. Maybe we'll try this again when it's daylight outside and see if we can get a really good picture for our cards next year :)

I've got a few more Christmas pictures but those will have to wait for another time. Right now, I still have a research paper to write and a bunch of swaps to make, so I'd best hop to it. Happy howlidays!


Amber said...

Awesome projects Christy! They are beautiful! I wish I had the patience you have to sit and complete one of these without wanting to scream cause my thread gets "knotty" bwahahaha! Oh well, I'm much better at a 20 minute card that a three month cross-stitch project;)
The pups looks so sweet, even though they look super pissed at you, lol!

Liz Guidry said...

You are right - mine looks a lot better IRL. Did I mention that I LOVE it??? I also like Adriennes too AND the one you are working on for yourself (which is way overdue, I might add).

Please post a picture of the freedom angel your mom got signed so I can see what it looks like (if you have time or want to procrastinate more - hehe). You must have a collection going on now, huh?

Love you bunches!!

CCsMom said...

Those poor dogs. You can tell you really abuse them. Cracks me up.

We are having a New Year's get together at our house (hopefully Tommie and Cindy) but for sure, Julie and Gary. Going to have MEXICAN FOOD (yum) and just visit or play games -- probably both.

Dad did that super picture of costume jewelry strung with lights. Unfortunately the lights poopered out after about 3 days. Not sure why. And they didn't go all at once, either. Strangest thing. Sure did bum Dad out because he put in a lot of work on it. I'll have to send you pictures.

Anyway, I know you are headed back to work right now unfortunately. I get the whole week off. Hooray!

Love you -- Mom