Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More Christmas Stuff

I'm back with a few more Christmas pictures. My mom was sweet enough to send us a miniature Christmas tree this year since we left all our Christmas decorations in storage when we moved to Okinawa. Lee decorated it while I was in the bathtub on the morning of Christmas Eve.

Like I told my mom, he did a good job...but you can tell it was decorated by a guy *giggle* He didn't put the lights on it, but Mom sent enough ornaments to decorate three trees this size, so I don't think it matters that it's missing Christmas lights. You can't see because of the presents, but Mom also made a blue and white tree skirt for it. Yes, my mom is THAT cool.

This year, Sadie and Vader got into the gift-giving spirit (this must have been before I forced them through the indignity of wearing elf hats and reindeer antlers)--according to the tags on the boxes, they were responsible for giving us this...

We *finally* got a pair of shishi dogs! And these ones don't shed loads of dog hair, either. They're probably at least 18 inches tall...I took a few other pictures of them but none turned out really well other than this next one. They are very cool, so now we just need to clean off the bookshelves in the living room so that they'll have their own place to live.

Lee's trying to think up ways we could put lights on the inside so their eyes (and, I suppose, their noses and mouths) will glow. I think that would be funny.

Speaking of funny...

My dad emailed me this image with the crafty ninjas a while back, and I said that should be on a t-shirt. So here's my crafty ninja t-shirt, is that not the coolest thing? Oh, one more cool thing:

This was made by Jim Shore; you may have seen his work in your local Hallmark store (not that I have a local Hallmark store here on Okinawa, but you know what I mean). He does a lot of angels, Christmas things like Santa Claus and nativity sets, and Disney characters. I have five different Jim Shore Tinker Bell figurines and one of these days I'll get his Maleficent (evil fairy from Sleeping Beauty) because she is *awesome*. So anyway, back to this particular angel, check out the bottom:

Yes, it's SIGNED! By Jim Shore! The artist who created it! He visited my mom's local Hallmark store (because she DOES have a local Hallmark store) so she got to meet him and had a couple of things signed by him. She also had her picture taken with him, and lemme tell you, Mr. Shore has a serious mustache goin' on. I didn't scan in that picture though because we got a new printer/scanner (Mac-compatible) and I haven't bothered to figure out how to scan on it yet.

We got some other fun stuff too, this is just what I took pictures of. Next time I'll have to share some kokeshi doll pictures since I've added several to my collection since the last time I posted any on here ;) Happy New Year to everyone out there in blogland, hope your New Year's celebration is fun and safe. Lee and I will be going to a party tonight but I doubt either of us will drink at all. Maybe we'll take incriminating photographs of the people who do overindulge. Heh. But anyway, for now I need to get working on my research paper. So far all I've done is read some research, I have yet to actually write anything. And I wanna hurry up and get this done, so that's my project for the next four days that I have off work. TTFN!


Amber said...

Okay chick. YOu have one year left and I fully intend on seeing you with at least a slight buzz. I'm going to work on that!
Love the Jim Shore figurine, really cool:) And your shirt, OMG I love it:) Hope you and Ree have fun tonite! Call me this weekend if you want to stamp, mmkay?:) MWAH and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Giffysk8s said...

The shishi dogs are totally cool! Ree's right~right up their eyes. Maybe put a little recorder in there to make them growl, too. Or laugh. A sinister laugh like Maleficent's would be hilarious! LOL

How sweet of your mom to send you a tree! She is cool!

Can't wait to see the pics of your dolls. Gonna have to replenish my fund now that the countdown has begun!

Happy New Year!

katiesniche said...

Oh I love Jim Shore's items. We have a couple that I purchased when we lived in Oki. I had actually never heard of him prior to that, but the BX had them at Christmas and now we have a couple....I see them all over now.