Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Already!

Happy New Year! 'Cause it's already 2010 here on Okinawa. Lee and I didn't stay too long at the party last night...bit of an Epic Fail on my part because I *hate* big groups and WHY did I think that would be a good idea to go to that?! So we came home after only about an hour and watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince instead of partyin' like it was 1999. Much more fun that way, lesson learned for next year.

Anyway, I just realized that I never shared a picture of my 2009 Christmas card, so here it is:

Very simple design this time around since I'm working and taking classes and I make about 60 Christmas cards each year. I used shimmery white cardstock for the main image panel and the inside of the card, so it does have a little something extra without any extra work on my part. Since I was totally enamored with bright colors for most of 2009, I used Green Galore and Melon Mambo, not your typical Christmas colors but I think they work for a subtropical island Christmas card. Here's the inside:

So yep, pretty simple design since I had to make them all very quickly. I already have an idea what I want to do for 2010's Christmas cards, and maybe this year I actually *will* start making them early. Maybe that should be my new year's resolution.

Anyway, I promised kokeshi doll pictures, so here they are!

This was a Christmas present from Lee (who ignored the rule that we don't buy gifts for each other, we just pick out something we both want). The picture doesn't do her justice; she's got kind of a shiny lacquer-type finish and is way prettier than this picture implies.

The two on the left were gifts from Jamie; they are Spring and Autumn from a set of four seasons dolls. The one on the right was a present from Missy, she's a Christmas ornament! She's a bit too large for our tiny tree so she'll just have to wait until next year. I love her little pigtails!

This one was a gift from Amber and was made in the year I was born (which does NOT make her an antique, Amber!!) Amber gave me some information on this doll, including the artist's name but I left it downstairs so it shall have to remain a mystery for now. Heh.

Pretty sure I've already shared a picture of the doll on the right, but I got the one on the left last month and she kind of coordinates with the other doll. Not the best picture in the world though so I may have to go take another one...and you can get a tiny glimpse of the mess that is my craft room right now. Organizing my craft room is high up on my list of things to do, right after "write research paper" although last night I was trying to convince Lee that I needed to do LOTS of things before I write that darned paper, hehe! Last one...

Is she not darling? Your eyes do not deceive you, she leans. I just love her expression and her cute lil pigtails (hmm, I said that about the ornament one, too). And she was only about $12, proof that cute doesn't have to cost a lot when it comes to kokeshi dolls.

So now that Lee is awake, we're going to start the new year off right...we're heading out to the gym, 'cause I would like to start 2011 smaller than I did 2010.


Giffysk8s said...

LOL about your party experience! We are the same way. The two of us went out for a nice dinner. Kids has some friends over, so when we came home, we watched a movie in our room~Elizabeth with Cate Blanchett. Good but not very festive! But we already watched Harry Potter the night before.

A word of advice about the Blu-ray players. My son and I both got one. Get one that is Netflix ready, meaning that it has an actual internet connection (Wi-fi or ethernet) so that you don't have to buy an adapter for it, which is quite expensive, almost as much as the player itself. We paid less than $150 apiece, and the connections are almost that much! They were, and are, on sale at Best Buy. In the states, Netflix is a DVD rental company that mails you the movies, you can also get them on your computer or directly to your Blu-ray player! I can send you the model numbers if you want them.

LOVE the kokeshi dolls! And that Miss Amber is something else. What a cool thing to get you!!! Way to go Miss Amber!!! LOVE the leaning girl. So much personality! Love the one that matches our turquoise and rust ones. Okay, I love them all!!! I have got to replenish my kokeshi fund. If you start seeing dolls that I will simply die without, let me know and I will send you some moolah!

CCsMom said...

Hey, Kik! I love the dolls -- that last one is Ms. Personality Plus!!! Is the one Amber gave you an Okinawan Kokeshi? Nancy was saying that you don't really like the ones made on Okinawa as well, but you ought to have at least ONE in your collection, you know. Love the laquered one, too -- and the two with the fans. Coolness. I will be anxious to see them firsthand when you come back to the US! Any progress on choosing a curio cabinet to store all of these dolls?!!!

I'm thinking about how to send your BD stuff -- I need to get on that right away so it will make it on time, which reminds me, too -- I need to send a card to Eva. Her BD is the 6th and I don't want to miss that.

Love you!!! Mom

Liz Guidry said...

The last doll is my fave. It reminds me of Autumn, except with dark hair. Love the ornament one too :)

Hope you are making some progress on your paper.