Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cherry Blossoms 2010

I was planning to post pictures from Cocok's with the silent K, but I think some of you out there might like non-feet pictures better, so here are a few of the shots we took today at the Nago cherry blossom festival. We were supposed to have a pretty big group but in the end it was just Missy plus me and Lee. Just so you know: none of these pictures have been edited at all. The only thing I did was convert them to jpegs and then I resized them so they'd be smaller and load faster on the blog. Prepare to be amazed by our photography skillz!

I think this was one of the first shots Lee took. The festival takes place at the Nago castle ruins, which are on a big hill with several hundred steps up to the top (I never have seen any castle ruins, just the steps). There are quite a few of these big concrete whozits along the stairs.

One of my first shots of the day :) Sometimes we can remember who took which picture, sometimes we can't. So until we get a second big nice camera (and I learn how to set the exposure and f-stop and all that stuff on my own) we generally share credit for our photos. Hehe!

Lee set the tripod to take this one. This was a flat area about halfway up the hill and it's where most of the trees seemed to be in bloom.

My artsy bud photograph :)

The cherry blossoms here ranged from very pale pink (almost white) to deep rosy pink, and sometimes there was color variation on the same tree.

I noticed today that it seems like most of the cherry blossoms point downwards, so to get the best pictures you kind of have to get under them and point the camera upwards.

This is Lee's artsy shot for the day, and both Missy and I agree it's one of our favorites.

Missy found several small bunches of cherry blossoms on the ground so she put them together in a tiny bouquet. You can see a lot of the color variation here.

I wish the sky wasn't whited out in this picture, but what can you rained some early this morning and we happened to be at the festival when it cleared off somewhat; when we left, there were some pretty dark clouds close by so we just missed getting rained on.

We climbed over the railing of the stairway to get to where these trees were, and in doing so we started a trend--several other groups saw what we were doing and hopped the fence to do their own pictures. I think this might go in our Christmas cards this year.

So there you have it, some of our favorite photos for the day. I'm glad we got to do this again this year and that we got some good pics with us in them this time...we got fabulous flower pictures last year but no good ones with us. This year was our last chance for cherry blossom pictures so I'm pretty pleased with what we got. I found out today that the orchid show that Lee and I went to last year will be going on from February 6-14, so Missy and I may go check that out :)


Random Person said...

I don't know who that Lee guy is but he sure takes some great pictures and his wife is hot too.

Liz Guidry said...

Simply stunning photos and I'm glad you guys climbed over the railing - b/c I love that photo! I'm jealous that I couldn't make it there w/in 45 min :(

CCsMom said...

Wow, I LOVE the picture of you and Lee. It's perfect. And the one of the 3 of you is great, too. Funny thing is, we never saw any cherry blossoms while we were there 30 years ago. We all never even talked about them. Don't know why . . . but yes, I think that would make a perfect Christmas card picture. If the sky was the blue it is when it's clear, wouldn't that have been a contrast?!!! Wow -- I'm picuring it. You can see a little of the blue in this last photo on the left right above the mountains. Can you imagine? LOVE the pictures. And Lee's artsy shots are something -- these are worthy of blowing up and framing, except I'm wondering, are you going to have enough walls for EVERYTHING?! Love ya! Mom

Amber said...

Hey hot wife, lol!
Awesome pictures, they are really ferbulous! The flowers are much prettier than they were last week!
Hey let me know if you and Missy want a tag along to the Orchid festival, I'll be a loner and might like to go if you don't mind a third wheel;)

Giffysk8s said...

LOVE the pics! You got lots of nice branch shots for me. LOL Artsy pics are always the best. Wish I could see these blossoms in person! Glad you had fun.