Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Some Cool & Amazing Gifts

So a couple days ago I shared the most important facet of my birthday shindig with ya'll: the awesomely wonderful people I got to hang out with (Mom, sorry you couldn't be here but you know you're awesomely wonderful too). Today I thought I'd share some of the awesomely wonderful gifts that I got for my birthday :) First up from my mommy!

Yes, she cross stitched this. Isn't it so cool? I love the beautiful bright blue and orange. I really, really want to decorate a bathroom around this picture because for some reason I want to hang it up in a guest bathroom. Anyway, Mom said she fell in love with this design as soon as she saw it, and I'm sure it reminded her of the feeding frenzy at the koi pond in the botanical gardens. I know I said this before, but it's awesome. I just want to stare at it for an hour or two :)

Next up, Jamie gave me this...

Funny story about this tea set. Connie's birthday was less than a week before mine, and I got her this same tea set for *her* birthday, and I was thinking about getting another one to give to Jamie for her birthday next month. J said she got it for me because she knew I didn't have one, but she didn't know that while I was shopping for Connie, I just had to get myself this one:

So that whole thing just cracks me up. Except for the part where I now have to come up with a different idea for what to get Jamie for her birthday :)

And you know that my birthday just wouldn't be complete without some kokeshi dolls, right?

And these two are sooooooo cool! The one on the left is from Connie, and the one on the right is from Missy. I'd had my eye on both of them for a long time but had never bought either...Vicki, the snow doll is one I really want to get for you sooner or later since you have snow where you live. And I'd picked out the cherry blossom doll to buy myself as a prezzie for when I finish writing this stupid paper that still isn't done. So now I need to pick out a new enticement to finish writing that thing, huh? (I can hear Lee now saying "Noooooooooooo!")

Here's one more because I have no self-control ;)

I was shopping for Tiana's birthday and I found this one and it was just SO cute and not expensive at all and it's Baylor colors and it was the last one so I had to get it. I got the shishi dogs on the left when we went to Shuri Castle last year with Lee's parents, aren't they hilarious? They live on my desk at work. Lee totally busted me on the kokeshi doll too, I left it at work and I was going to toss the box in the Harry Potter closet where the rest of my kokeshi doll boxes are, but he saw the box in my car before I could dispose of the evidence. He thinks I have a gracious plenty and need no more kokeshi dolls. I say that our house wouldn't look cluttered at all if we'd just find a curio cabinet to put them all in.

Here's one more item that came to live on my desk today, but is now gracing my dining room table at home:

I got this beautiful bouquet from two of the guys in our office, the same ones who gave Connie her bouquet. They knew the lilies made my head go all icky so no lilies. LOVE the bright orange and yellow flowers, how 'bout a closer look?

The roses are kind of an orangey coral color, so pretty!

Love that picture, the big yellow flower looks like some type of lotus. I know I took pictures of similar flowers at the botanical clue what the little white flowers are.

There were a few bright red daisies in the mix, too. Oh, I forgot to take a picture of the yellow orchids that remind me of Belle's dress in Beauty & the Beast. Click on the picture of the whole bouquet and you'll see them off to the right.

Dang, I just realized I forgot to take a picture of the Jim Shore Tinker Bell that my mom gave me. She's adorable, she's sitting on top of a block (which is also a little container you could put jewelry or something else small in) and laughing. I need to break out the macro lens on the big camera and take pictures of my Tink collection; I have six different ones here and I think one more at my parents' house. Those need to go on their very own scrapbook layout, don't you think? (At the rate I'm going I think the kokeshi dolls will be their very own album, hehe!) I also got a really cool interactive Nancy Drew book from Lee's parents and a Wizard of Oz book so I'll have plenty of reading material when we get on the plane to go to Sapporo in two weeks. Eeee!

Got a busy weekend planned...we're doing pedicures at Cocok's on Saturday and then Sunday we're heading up to Nago for the cherry blossom festival, so more fun pics are sure to arrive soon on the ol' bloggypoo. I'm sure we'll take a zillion at Sapporo too! But for now I'm going to bed :p


Giffysk8s said...

Wow! You were quite spoiled and loved on your birthday, girl!

The tea sets are soooo pretty! Reminds me of enjoying tea in the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. Not quite as cool as sipping tea in Japan, but a close second. :)

LOVE the dolls! And what makes you think I don't want that cherry blossom doll, too? Check out her hair and face! Oh my! She reminds me of the SU cherry blossom stamp. LOVE that stamp, so I MUST have the doll! (Like the way I think?)

Seriously ROFL over Lee finding the box in your car. Too dang funny!

Your mom did an amazing job on that cross-stitch! It is totally wicked! (That expression cracks me up~it's the Boston way of saying something is exceedingly awesome! Who knew?) The colors she used are right up your alley. They remind me of all of your Tangerine Tango scrapbook layouts!

Enjoy the cherry blossom festival!

Liz Guidry said...

I *almost* got you the tinkerbell on the box laughing!! Good thing I didn't ;) You got some awesome presents, girl! Hope your bday was fun. Maybe next year we'll be together and I can have some of that yummy cake!

CCsMom said...

Oh my gosh, I so TOTALLY need some of those shishi dogs -- way at Shuri Castle, huh? Dang! They are too funny for words. Gosh these pictures are all so vibrant. Isn't that a neat flower arrangement? Very Japanesey. My Japanese aunt used to do some arrangements like that, too. She was trained in SO MANY THINGS -- she sewed anything and everything, and in addition to the flower arranging, she could knit up a storm on a knitting machine. I was floored watching her whip out 3 sweaters, one each for me and my two sisters. (Joni still has hers, so I had to fill her in on the back story.) Something else.

Oh, it rained so hard this afternoon that when I left work, I felt like I was in that storm on Okinawa over 30 years ago -- the one where our car flooded out on the highway and we walked to the guard shack to call a friend to come get us. That's when I was soaked to the bone and our friend said with a snicker in his voice that he'd never seen such a large drownd rat. I don't think I've EVER been that wet before or since. Ha! The closer I got to home, the less it was raining, though. Oklahoma is getting the ICE, but we won't.

Great pictures. Just LOVED it. You really had a GREAT birthday! Love, Mom