Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More Cocok's Toes

I am once again procrastinating about writing my paper. This paper just plain doesn't want to be written. Plus I've been so tired lately...I actually have an appointment tomorrow to have my thyroid checked out because I think that might be the problem. We'll see. Anyway, on Saturday after the ikebana exhibit, Missy and Jamie and I met up with Amber and Jenni at Cocok's with the silent K for a pedicure. Amber looked through the ikebana pics on my camera and then she took pictures of each of us during the pedicures, so for once you get to see faces in addition to feet :) Here's Missy:

And Amber:

Jamie and me in my Tinker Bell shirt...ok, one of my Tinker Bell shirts :) Heeyyyyy maybe I should bring in a picture of Tink, think they could paint Tinker Bell on my toes?!

Here's Jenni, this is unfortunately her last trip to Cocok's with us because she's moving back to the States pretty soon:

And here's Jamie, sleeping through the massage. Jamie and Missy both fell asleep while we were there, which made Amber ask me what on earth I did to the two of them. Oddly enough, I didn't fall asleep despite being chronic fatigue girl lately :p

So here are the toe pics! I was nice this time, posting something non-footy at the top so if I don't post again for a couple of days you're not stuck staring at feet every time you log on to my blog (you're welcome, Liz!!). Cocok's has updated their books with some new designs, one of which was this one Amber picked out:

Very springy, yes? Fun! I'm not sure I could do a white base on my toes though...and I wouldn't want black either; I like lots of color. But the white and black both suit Amber :) Here's Missy, she did something different than her usual pink or red and went with green! Also springy:

Jenni picked this bold design, I think the flowers are so cool looking:

Jamie went for hot pink flowers this time:

And I got cherry blossoms! This was a new design, or at least one I never noticed before in the books. It's also got sparkles all over it :) For the record, they look far MORE awesome in person than in this picture. For reals.

Next time, we've decided to do mystery toes. We're going to put all our names in a hat and draw, then we each get to pick what someone *else* is getting done on her toes. And no peeking until it's done! Should be fun and entertaining.

And now for a "what the heck?!" picture...

It's CDs. On fishing poles. In a garden plot. I'm sure they have some purpose, I just can't fathom what it is...thoughts?


Giffysk8s said...

Now that you've said you can't do black or white toes, you know what your mystery toes are bound to be right? LOL I LOVE Amber's white toes~so springy and happy! Of course, your cherry blossoms are pretty, too. I wish I could get my toes done like that over here!

Maybe the poles are fishing for TUNE-ahs! LOL

Maybe they're attracting songbirds~at least the birds won't have to sing acapella. :)

Maybe that sign is pronounced "Coo-Coo" with a silent k instead of "Co-Co." If it's Coo-coo's, then these poles make total sense. :)

Cindy said...

I love the pedicures! I wish I lived there to go too ;)

Are the CDs in the garden to reflect light and maybe scare away animals that may eat from the garden?

Liz Guidry said...

Great pics. They actually turned out better looking since you gals are all wearing sandals. I think Amber could be a foot model ;)

CCsMom said...

I LIKE Amber's toes, but I like all of them. They do such detail!

I think these garden decorations are to scare off birds so they don't eat the seeds. Interesting.


CCsMom said...

Oh, by the way -- I'm still not seeing that toe ring I got you for Christmas -- your toes are NAKED!

Crafty Math Chick said...

LOL, I always love your toes pho-tos Christy. I hope you had fun on your trip!