Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sapporo, Part 1: Getting to the Snow Festival

We're back from our trip and we had a fabulous time! We got back on Wednesday night and had to work on Thursday and Friday, so it took us this long to get the pictures uploaded on the Mac and for me to sort through them to the Mac (yes, I am blogging from the Mac for the first time, this will take some getting used to!) We took upwards of 400 pictures on our trip and we should also get copies of photos from Missy and Jamie & Dean. I will *not* be sharing each and every photo on here ;) But here's a few to get us started, it's going to take several posts to catch the highlights. Here we are at the Naha airport, getting ready to go...

And here's the Pokemon plane that we saw. Sorry the picture is blurry, it's hard to take a photo with no flash through a window in low light. We didn't fly on the Pokemon plane, but it was kinda funny to see. Missy said she's flown on it before and it isn't all Pokemon-y on the inside. Bummer. Might be fun to have Pikachu serving peanuts.

We flew from Naha to Haneda in Tokyo, and from there to Chitose airport in Hokkaido. Then we had an hour-long bus ride to our hotel. Here's one of our patented self-portraits, with Jamie in the background :)

And here's Missy when she fell asleep on the bus after we'd been talking nonstop for, like, the whole day ;)

We got to our hotel around 3 or so on Sunday afternoon, so we all got dressed in our cold weather gear (I borrowed a ski jacket and snow boots, and my wonderful mom sent me thermals with zebra stripes on them no less! so I stayed pretty toasty) and headed out to Sapporo Station. As in Kyoto, it's a subway station that has a ginormous department store/shopping/restaurant complex attached. It was a couple of blocks away from our hotel and it was snowing on our way to the station.

I thought Lee took a picture of Missy and me walking along with our mouths wide open trying to catch snowflakes, but nope. :( Anyway, once inside the station we looked around for a restaurant that we thought might be good, and the girls got a picture with this dude just because he was fun:

We ended up eating at a Mexican restaurant, or at least the Japanese version of a Mexican restaurant. Missy ordered a burrito and it had shrimp in it (bleh!). Hokkaido is known for its seafood, skiing, and beer...too bad I'm not into any of those things, hehe. Their dairy products though, that I can get along with. They make good butter cream!

Yes, because it's not cold enough outside, we got ice cream. We also saw this cool little thing in the station:

Interesting, huh? The people are the shadow cast by the hoopy-doo that it looks like they're holding up. While we wandered around the station we went in the Disney store and also found a Snoopy store right next door. And here's a modern art kinda sculpture thing at the entrance to the station:

Right after this, we left to walk to the snow festival, so those pics will be coming up in the next day or two. Tomorrow is Lee's birthday (happy birfday Ree!) and he has requested that I make lasagna rather than us go out for dinner anywhere. So that's our plan. Guess I'll be grocery shopping tomorrow morning ;) Back soon with more pictures, promise. I've got a lot of Sapporo pics and today, Missy and I went to the orchid expo so I've got tons of pictures from that too. Yay, something fun to talk about for a while! My paper is DONE and turned in, so I'm freeeeee from class until about June. Yay!!


Thoughts by B and M said...

Just not right man to post that photo of me sleeping ;)

CCsMom said...

Looks like the beginning of a really fun time. Can't wait to see more pix.

Headed to the post office -- yeah, I'm REALLY late. Love ya!!! Mom

Cindy said...

I have so much fun reading your blog and seeing the sights and miss Japan so much! Thanks for sharing all of your excursions. I really, really enjoy the pictures and your views on it there! Can't wait to see the orchid pics :)

Liz Guidry said...

Yay! Love the pics so far. Although, that one with the shadow looks like you are witnessing a murder. Weird! hahaha!

Amber said...

Fun pics! Looks like you guys had fun:)
Happy Birthday to LEE!!!