Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sapporo, Part 3: Skiing & Chocolate

I only have about ten minutes of my lunch break left to write this blog post, so I'm typing fast :) First of all, I heard back from the doctor and I do, indeed, have hypothyroidism (and they all thought I was pregnant instead) :p So I've just started on my new prescription and my little brother emailed me a wealth of information about it since he's had it for two years. I will be learning a lot more about it over the next few weeks.

So on to the fun stuff, more Sapporo pics! Our first full day in Sapporo, Lee went skiing/snowboarding with Jamie and Dean:

Missy and I do NOT ski, so we did something much more fun in our opinion--we toured the Ishiya Chocolate Factory. (We were the smart ones, because after a half-day of skiing the other three kept complaining about how sore they were. Suckas!)

And the chocolate factory is guarded not by Oompa Loompas but...firemen snowmen?

Do those look like little fireman's hats to you? I think so...

The metal fence around the front of the chocolate factory had these cute little toppers on it:

Don't get the connection between cats and chocolate? Well, the Aztecs discovered chocolate when they weren't busy with the whole human sacrifice thing, and they also worshiped cats. So this place has a lot of cat-themed stuff. They also have this courtyard full of super cute little bitty houses!

Missy's new abode...I wanted something a little more "castle-y"...

But with the ginormous camera backpack I couldn't fit through the door. :p

Quite a bit of the courtyard was covered in snow, so I got a neat picture of one of the little statues, this is one of my "artsy" shots:

Speaking of artsy, check out the bathroom!

The whole place was much more reminiscent of Europe than Japan, in fact it kind of reminded me of the Banks family house in Mary Poppins. I think Missy got some good exterior shots but I'll have to look for them on the disc she gave me and I am already over my 10-minute time limit so maybe next time. But a few more pictures real fast like a rabbit that just heard a really good joke:

Wouldn't tell us what he was laughing at, though. Pretty much the first room we saw inside the chocolate factory had this beautiful fountain:

You can also see in the background that there's a diorama of Europeans landing in South America. Here's a view of the fountain from the balcony:

We then walked through a couple of rooms that had some neat china; one was all hot chocolate cups (how they're different from teacups, I'm not sure) and each room had a different pattern of tile on the floor. I think we should do this in our next house, you like it?

My favorite cup-and-saucer duo from the china collection...the saucer is shaped like a fan and the butterfly is the cup's handle. Isn't it beautiful?

Ok, so, I'll check Missy's pictures for more chocolate factory fabulousness, but for now I gotta scram back to work. TTFN, chocolate lovers!


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CCsMom said...

Hey, I recognize that scarf you are wearing. Kinda surprised you took it to Okinawa with you! Pretty funny. Love you!