Sunday, February 21, 2010

Some Prezzies

I'm a bit miffed that every time I actually get to watch part of the Olympics, the only thing on is curling. I mean, really? How is that a sport?! The geniuses in charge of American tv programming here put the Olympics on mid-morning while most of us are at work. Maybe I should have Sadie and Vader watch for me and then fill me in on what happened when I get home...nah, their attention span ain't that great.

No Sapporo pics today, I thought I'd share something different (looks like the only person interested in the chocolate factory pics was my mom, anyway!) so here's what Lee and I went out and bought ourselves on Valentine's Day/his birthday:

This is an apothecary cabinet (click on the picture to see it bigger). The kanji are for all the different types of herbs that an apothecary would store in each drawer...while I'm fairly certain I won't be putting any kind of herbs in it, I haven't figured out yet what I DO want to put in all those little drawers. I've been wanting one of these things ever since I first saw one not too long after we moved here so I'm pretty tickled that I now own one. We want to get a couple of pieces of furniture while we're here so we figured we'd better start now so we can spread out the cost a bit.

Earlier this week we got a couple of boxes in the mail from my parents for Lee's birthday. Check out what my mom did to one of them:

Girl at post office: "So, I guess someone's turning 30?"

Me: "Yeah, that would be my husband."

Girl at post office: "Who decorated the box?"

Me: "That would be my mother."

I'm kinda glad she didn't think to do that when she was sending MY birthday stuff, 'specially since I turned 29 again ;) Oh, check out what was on the OTHER side, next to where our address was written:

'Cause Lee is a Superman fan. Most of the stuff inside was Wii-related from my parents and my brother and sister-in-law, and wrapped in Superman wrapping paper. Then there was this:

And they were in a matching bag, too. So what's the first thing that Lee decides to do with these boxers? Well, duh!

Put 'em on Sadie, of course! Vader is too sweet-natured so if we did this to him, we'd feel guilty, but Sadie is a sassy punk nugget so we don't feel guilty. Bwahahahaaaa!

Oh yes, that is one happy dog in her "I'm too sexy for my shorts!" boxers, hehe!

That's Missy's foot in the right corner, she came over here to work on planning for our China trip and got to witness Sadie's humiliation. Much laughter ensued on the part of everyone except Sadie.

But then she got a treat so it's all good now. Vader got one too just because he's Vader.

We've had a Wii-riffic weekend. I played the Super Mario Brothers game on Friday evening for much longer than I want to admit, and then today we bought the Tiger Woods golf game for Lee (yawn...I'd rather watch curling) and the Ghostbusters Wii game for me, which was on clearance for ten bucks. Haven't gotten to try that one out yet since I worked on baby books today. I'm making three books this time; one baby is due on St. Patrick's Day (so not going to have her book done in time), the second mom is having a baby shower on March 13th (probably not going to get her book on time either), and the third baby shower is in April (if it's late April, I might have a shot at getting that one done on time!). I'm basically doing the same kind of thing I did last year but some of the colors/patterned papers are changing because I don't have enough of all the patterns to do so many books, and I'm customizing them a bit to fit the mothers' tastes. February and March are done except for cutting out the title letters for them; I want to wait until I'm done with all the pages to do that since the craft store charges for use of their die cut machine. Hmph. So I'm going to try to work on April before I go to bed tonight. TTFN!


Giffysk8s said...

Christy, that table is so, so pretty! And the dolls on top add just the right touch. :)

For what it's worth, I liked the chocolate factory pictures, too.

STILL ROFL over Sadie in Lee's boxers! What's even funnier is that your mom sent those to him!

Doesn't Amber have a font cartridge for her Cricut that you could use to cut out your titles? I can loan you some of mine if you'd like.

Have a happy Monday!

CCsMom said...

Ok, so that is just TOO funny. Dad said Lee would miss it if I DIDN'T send him boxers. Kinda become a tradition, you know? Oh, the cabinet is just gorgeous!!! Yeah, I'm pretty sure that came from Korea. Just beautiful.

Back home from Baylor. They have around 25 seniors to be commissioned come spring and expect around 100 new cadets in the fall. Isn't that just awesome?! Very nice to-do!
Love ya!

Liz Guidry said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I just love the look on Lee's face.

Liz Guidry said...

P.s. I think stampin/scrappin supplies would fit quite nicely in your new cabinet - hehehe!

adifrog said...

I agree with Liz...think of all the embellishments that thing could hold!!

Do you need any certain fonts cut? Let me know what font you want (Sizzix or Cricut) and I'll check my stash.