Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Go Green...and Mystery Toes

I missed Valentine's Day cards this year, but I always have to make St. Patrick's Day cards :)

I don't drink beer, green or otherwise, but I thought the green beer paired with this sentiment was just too funny. I got the layout idea from the Clean and Simple Stamping blog, which is a recent discovery of mine. Love their ideas...since I work full time now I need card ideas that are fast. I forget which number "fall-to layout" this was though.

One more card:

This went to Liz for her birthday which was on Saturday. Happy birfday, Liz! I actually made this for a Bellariffic Friday challenge a couple weeks back to use polka dots (the patterned paper designs are all polka dots) but never uploaded it.

This Saturday, Missy, Amber and I went to Cocok's with the silent K and did mystery toes, meaning that each one of us picked what another one was going to have painted on her toes. We agreed beforehand to be nice to each other and not to pick anything that we knew the other chicky would hate, so no black for me or Missy, and no orange/yellow, animal print, or critters for Amber (she was much pickier, lol!). I picked out Amber's design:

Pretty fun, huh? I may want to try that on my toes one of these days. Amber picked Missy's:

Definite toe envy here, Missy got Strawberry Shortcake toes. With pink and GLITTER!! Missy picked mine:

I admit, I would have liked them much better if they hadn't been so dark. In the book, the design has a purple base, but the purple polish they used on my toes is so dark it's almost black. Missy feels guilty for how they turned out, but even though they're darker than I generally prefer, I still think they're pretty. But next time we do mystery toes I want some really bright colors ;) Our next Cocok's with the silent k trip will be just before we leave for China, so we have to get something Chinese-inspired :D


Giffysk8s said...

I totally have toe envy!!! I have yet to find a place that will paint toes like that here. The temp is actually going to being in the 60's here today~that means capris and sandals for us! I NEED those toes! Mine have been buried in snow boots for 5 months!

LOVE the St. Paddy's Day card! Thank you!!! I was going to make them, too. But alas, my migraines sidetracked me and I never got to it. By the time my head felt better, I didn't have enough time left to make them. So I started on Easter cards instead. I need to check out that site. Simple cards are becoming my mantra, too!

We are hosting an icky cold. Brittany actually had to take two days off of work, which she never does. Now I am getting it and I think Emma is, too. Ran out and got The Princess & The Frog DVD yesterday. That will keep us happy if we are couch-bound. I am waiting for NCIS Season 6 to arrive, so I am watching Law & Order (my fave!!!) Season 7. I also want to watch through all of 24. I've only seen the first 2 seasons of that.

Been stitching some. Almost 1/25th of the way done! LOL

Glad you are feeling better. But I hope you check out those headaches. It makes me sad that they give you so much trouble. I totally empathize!

Have a happy Thursday!

Amber said...

Yeah! So glad to see some cards FINALLY!;) They are super cute, love the "Go Green" LOL!

Love our tootsies, I think we all did a great job picking out for each other! I really think yours is pretty!!!!

CCsMom said...

Oh, Christy -- I LOVE your toes. I think they are awesome!

We might get SNOW Saturday -- the first day of SPRING and they are forecasting possible snow. For sure we're going to get rain, but the temps are supposed to continue to drop throughout the day. Isn't that something?

Liz Guidry said...

I love my card - thanks :) AND I like the way your toes came out. I think they are pretty.

Crafty Math Chick said...

I always love the Cocok's tow pics for some reason - they really are intricate little works of art, aren't they? You know, I have never had a professional pedicure, I have always saved the money (for stamps, SNORT!) and polished my toenails myself, but if we ever get stationed in Oki I am going to have to go to Cocok's. I think your toes look very pretty, I know you don't like dark, but I think they look great! Hope the pattern grows on you too.