Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sapporo, Part 5: Sapporo Beer Garden

I'm going to try to do this blog post really fast because I have to get ready for work. So after Missy and I toured the Ishiya Chocolate Factory and Lee went skiing/snowboarding with Dean, Jamie, and John, our whole tour group got together and went to dinner at the Sapporo Beer Garden. And look, some of us even got beer:

Not to mention really stylin' bibs. Each table had two little cooker thingies and dishes of meat (found out later it was lamb) and vegetables, so you cook your own dinner. The servers will keep bringing you more until you tell 'em to stop.

(The disembodied arm belongs to Missy.) I'm posting this next picture just because I think it's cute:

The whole place got kinda smoky after a while since those little heater thingies get pretty hot, so if you're not careful you can burn your dinner (we burned quite a few bean sprouts by accident, although that meant I didn't have to eat them so that worked out okay in my opinion).

Missy, being a Baylor alumna with a lot more school spirit than Lee and I have (yes Mom, we're ashamed of ourselves...sort of) loved all the bear things they had here. There was a shop that sold beer glasses and stuff that had bears on them, so she got one for Bennet. Here's the Sapporo Beer Garden logo:

After we finished dinner, we went out in the courtyard by the restaurant where they had some snow sculptures and stuff. Lee took this photo of a building across from the beer garden, I don't even know what it is but the picture sure turned out cool:

And another artsy shot of a luminaria...Lee doesn't like this one, he wanted to delete it from the camera, but I think it's cool:

There was also a slide, so we had to try it out. Here's Missy:

And me:

Lee tried it out when Missy and I went into the mall next door to find a restroom, so we didn't get to see him try to slide down surfer-style and then fall down. But we hear that's what happened.

Here's the both of us in a snowy heart:

And Jamie and Dean in the same sculpture:

We also had to take pictures with this goofy snowman...

We were trying to mimic the snowman's expression. Don't ask.

Next up, the ice festival.


CCsMom said...

Wow, Lee sure has a nice head of hair. He looks good with it a little longer like this.

I did see that last picture on Missy's Facebook and thought you all looked like you needed to go potty.

Fun, fun! Love ya -- Mom

Giffysk8s said...

The bibs are too funny! And I love the slide. That looks like fun, though I was surprised you didn't go down head first or something equally as goofy. :)

I like both "light" photos. I, for one, am glad you didn't delete yours! It's so "artsy."

Can;t wait to see the photos of the ice sculptures!

CCsMom said...

See, I DID check it and left you a message last night. Cute. Hope you have a good night. I'm off to work and I'M LATE!!! Love, Mom