Friday, March 5, 2010

Sapporo, Part 7: Mount Moiwa

On our last full day in Sapporo, we started off with a gondola ride to the top of Mount Moiwa, which offered some pretty fantastic views of the surrounding mountains and a whole lotta snow. Very fun. Here's what we saw on the way up:

Missy was initially a little bit nervous about the whole gondola thing, but she did okay as long as we didn't talk about shaking it or anything ;)

Hey look, Lee and I were on the gondola too ;)

When we got to the end of the gondola ride, we were told we'd ride in snowmobiles up to the souvenir shop at the very top of the mountain. You say snowmobile and I'm thinking those little things that are kinda like motorcycles but that go on snow, and would carry just one or two people, tops. What we got was this:

Now THAT'S a snowmobile. More like a snowmoBUS. The way the wheels are reminds me of all the funkalicious vehicles on She-Ra, which was a really fabulous cartoon and deserves to be made into an action movie with a multimillion dollar budget a la G.I. Joe. I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, the souvenir shop had an observation deck on top which was covered in snow (of course) so we went on up there to observe. And take pictures.

I think they have foxes in Hokkaido? Supposedly they have flying squirrels, but we didn't see any. Hokkaido is the name of the island we were on, and Sapporo is its capital. Capitol? I always mix those up. At any rate, Sapporo is the Big Cheese on Hokkaido. Speaking of cheese, they also have a lot of dairy farms and stuff. And fields of lavender which looked beautiful in the postcards. But I digress. Take a look at the mountains instead.

And here's another view.

Missy and I really wanted to make some snow angels in the pristine snow up on the observation deck, but as Lee pointed out we would have gotten our jeans soaked so we didn't do it. Someone before us did make a few snowmen, though.

Bunny ears never get old.

Neither does the "pretend I'm falling off a mountain" pose for a picture ;)

And now it's time to sing. "On top of Mount Moiwa, all covered with snow...."

That's as close as I got to a flying squirrel, the posters in the gondola station. I wanna take one home as a pet, how cute are those ears?! But I hear they're nuts, and we already have two crazy kids.


Giffysk8s said...

I think there needs to be a law or something requiring you to post on your blog EVERY night! "Cause I get up early in the morning, grab my coffee and Cheerios, and literally LOL as I read your latest post! You start my day off on the right note, Miss C~so how about it??

The pictures of the mountains are gorgeous!

BTW, are you sure that Sadie and Vader are the two crazy kids in your house? LOL

Glad you had fun! Now you need to find a flying squirrel die cut for your layout. :)

CCsMom said...

I'll tell you what -- Missy never takes a bad picture. She's cute as can be. I'm not saying that YOU aren't, too. LOVED the pictures. Oh yeah, I could see Sadie and Vader chasing around that flying squirrel. It would be like having a bat loose in the house. NUTS. Glad you got a picture of the gondola because now we can see exactly what you were riding in! Looks like you guys had tons of fun.

Yay, today is Friday. I am so ready for the weekend. Spoke to your brother last night. He's been sick with an upper respiratory thing and missed some work, but he'll make it up drilling AGAIN this weekend. He had drill LAST weekend because they scheduled them on the last one of Feb. and the first one of March. Silly. I said, "Oh, maybe we'll see you sometime this weekend -- oh yeah, you have drill." He said, "Mom, how come you thought you'd see me this weekend?" Now that's Adam for you.

Love ya and hopefully talk to you tonight!!! Mom (Capitol)

Cindy said...

I love the pictures you've been posting and your commentary is hillarious! Please keep 'em coming - they're great!

CCsMom said...

Man, it looks so cold on top of that mountain!

Yay, it's officially the weekend. I am SO HAPPY. Talk to you later - Mom