Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sapporo, Part 8: Waffles and Maruyama Zoo

Vicki says I have to post every day, so I'm back again already with the next batch of Sapporo pics ;) After our trek up on top of Mount Moiwa all covered in snow, Missy, Lee and I trekked back to Sapporo Station where we tried to find crepes like we had at Kyoto but they were all out, so we went with waffles instead:

Waffles with chocolate and ice cream...definitely a healthy lunch. Mine had some fruit and came with an adorable little pitcher of chocolate to pour on the waffles and ice cream. Yum!

After we ate our waffles, we decided to catch a cab out to the zoo since we knew we wouldn't have a whole lot of time to explore it before the zoo closed. We arrived only about an hour (maybe two?) before closing time, so we tried to hit the highlights as fast as possible. We ran for the animal I wanted to see the most, but we have so many pictures of that particular beastie that it will be its own post tomorrow (or maybe the next day). So you're going to see the *other* highlights from the zoo today.

The first animals we passed were the seals. The one below must have been a pretty old one, it's got cataracts:

It swam pretty fast though, I think it was doing laps in the pool. After the seals we went and looked at the wolves but we didn't get any good pictures of them. Then Missy and I had a fight about who should be Little Red Riding Hood and who should be the pig, and Missy won.

The last place we went in was the building that housed the big cats. I think there were giraffes and zebras and stuff of to the left when we entered the building (at least, that's what it smelled like) but we wanted to see the lions and tigers and snow leopards (oh my!) so we peeled off to the right.

I had never been to a Japanese zoo before, and let me tell you, the big cat enclosures were a lot different than what you'd see in the States. Every American zoo I've been to, you've got the enclosure and then a big healthy gap that's usually at least 20 feet deep and then a fence separating you from the animals. Not so here. At this zoo, the only thing between us and the animals was a not-too-strong-looking piece of Plexiglass.

And Lee wonders why Missy and I both looked nervous in this picture. It's because there's a 600-pound tiger pacing right behind us!! I would have liked to get a really good closeup picture of the tiger because really, when else am I going to be this close to a tiger, but he was pacing back and forth pretty furiously the whole time we were there. This was pretty much the best picture we could get:

It's a blur with stripes :p I did, however, get a very good picture of the male lion that lives next door to the tiger:

When I was little, I had a toy lion that would say things when you squished him (like "Hi, I'm Bravely!" and "It's a jungle out there!"). I carried him everywhere, up till I lost him when we moved from California to Texas when I was seven. So anyway, I like lions. The lioness, on the other hand, didn't particularly like Lee.

Well, maybe she DID like Lee...for DINNER.

Oh yeah, she was clawing at the glass like crazy trying to get at him. Freaked me and Missy out, but Lee just ignored her and kept taking pictures of Bravely. Nerves of steel, that one.

Wanna see a cute baby snow leopard?

Aww, he looks so cute and fluffy, I want to take him home too. But what if he didn't get along with Sadie and Vader and Zippy the flying squirrel?

At this point we pretty much ran out of time, but on our way back to the exit, we did see the snow monkeys:

And here's the sign out front of the zoo, along with the...snow bear? I think it's a snow bear?

Yeah, I'm going with snow bear. So, the next batch of Sapporo pics will be of the animals I really wanted to see at the zoo. Any guesses as to what animal that is? ;) Stay tuned!


CCsMom said...

OK now, that WAS SCARY! The lion picture looks like a postcard! And I love the little snow leopard. What a cutie!

Nice day here today. We've been up to Gainesville looking at CARS. One good thing came of it -- Dad decided what he should be focusing in on taking into consideration the comfort thing. So yeah, he's going to search for something specific (SUV).

Trying to figure out what your favorite is -- if it was Missy, it would be the BEARS. Penguins for you?

Anxious to see what the answer is. Love ya!!! Mom

Giffysk8s said...

Thank you for another post!!!

LOVE the picture of the lion! Hard to believe there was plexiglass between you. And of course Lee looks good to the lioness~she's no fool! She obviously likes males with good hair. :)

So...your favorite animal. Hmmm. I'd go with shishi dog, except they're not real. Could be a peacock b/c I know you love cool designs and purple and teal (did you ever get those teal shoes?). Could be a penguin, like your mom guessed, b/c they are kinda of quirky and I know you like quirky. Maybe an orangutan. They are definitely goofy and you LOVE goofy! Can't wait to hear and see the real answer!

Thoughts by B and M said...

Those waffles were AMAZING! One of the best meals there considering I found out we ate lamb :( after-the-fact. Yuck! And I'm glad I got to be the pig! :)

Liz Guidry said...

Love Alaskan waffles (waffles with ice cream). You usually can't find those many places. Looks like you guys had a fabulous time and I wish I could have come along. I may have to start a blog once we move to England so I can show you and your 'rents all of MY adventures ;)

Miss you and I hope you're feeling better.