Friday, March 26, 2010

Some New Faces

I meant to post some pictures earlier this week and just didn't get around to it. Lee's been working crazy hours and without him here in the evenings, I tend to stay up way too late cross stitching :) A nice, relaxing weekend is just what we need.

Anyway, since I was recently kokeshi doll shopping for Vicki, I just had to get a couple for myself.

I just love this little doll (she's only like three or four inches tall) and for some reason she reminds me of a matryoshka, you know the Russian nesting dolls? Don't know why, but she does.

Couldn't pass this one up since she's wearing orange and purple, hehe! I like her expression too, she looks like she's totally tickled about something, don't you think?

And here's the new face that Lee picked out:

We bought this last weekend, this is Lee's piece of "furniture". He's wanted one of these helmets for a while so when he saw this one, we decided to go for it. We've started buying some of the big ticket Japanocentric items that we've been looking at for the last two years...Mom says we'll need to have a Japanese room in our house when we leave here. I wonder if all the kokeshi dolls would fit in one room, bwahahahaaaa! Wait, I wasn't supposed to say that out loud ;)

And here's the card I made to go with Melissa's baby book for her soon-to-arrive new face (by which I mean her soon-to-arrive baby, not that she's having plastic surgery or anything. Just to make that clear). And ever since I made this, I've been ignoring my craft room completely in favor of cross stitching. So maybe on Sunday night I'll share a new status photo of my current stitching project, but for now I'm going to go head downstairs and put in a movie while I stitch :) Happy weekend, y'all!


Giffysk8s said...

Seriously? You only got two new dolls? LOL I love the scalloped edges on the first doll's hair. And I am quite impressed that you knew "matryoshka!" And of course the second doll is tickled~she gets to be a kokeshi doll AND she's wearing purple! How can that life be anything other than ticklish?

Lee's helmet is cool! Your mom is right~you will definitely need a Japanese room for all of your beautiful acquisitions. And why oh why would you want to hide all of your kokeshi dolls in just one room??? Ha!

Can't wait to see the updated status on your orange crate project. I am plugging away on my autumn one, though I doubt it will look anywhere near as nice as yours. It's hard to have perfect stitching with only one good hand. But hey, it keeps me out of trouble. :)

Have a fabulous weekend!

CCsMom said...

You are such a mess -- I'm wondering just how many Kokeshi dolls you have now -- or are you afraid to COUNT them? As Dad says, just when is enough enough? He said that about my sterling bracelet collection, and yes, I do have quite a few.

LOVED Lee's helmet, but thought if you EVER have kids, they'll be scared to death of that thing. Ha! Funny what goes through a child's mind. I still remember some of my more silly things.

Gotta find out if those Baylor Bears won their basketball game last night -- I saw they were in the 2nd quarter winning 70 to 45 . . . so I kinda think they won. Woo hoo! I'm excited for them (and MISSY!).

Gonna run and get a few things done today. Love you!!! Mom