Friday, April 30, 2010

Sarah's Book

I meant to have this posted by Wednesday and here it is Friday night. Oh well, at least I got the book finished on time even if I didn't post it as quickly as I wanted ;) So here are all the layouts in the book I gave to Sarah.

They haven't decided on a name yet, so I just went with Baby's First Year. I chose Fox & Friends from SU for the first and last pages in the book since the album cover has blocks with animals on it. This is one of the few color combos I like with Soft Suede...I much prefer Close to Cocoa so I'm sad that one is retiring. And I'll really miss Baja Breeze and Crushed Curry!

Sarah's baby shower invites were pretty much in these colors except Melon Mambo instead of Real Red, but we made those before she found out she was having a boy so for the book I used Real Red to make it look more boyish.

August is pretty much the same as for Melissa's book, but no pink :)

I tried very hard to make each layout have a different base color, and I needed Bashful Blue for a different month, so I had to come up with something for September. I almost did Gable Green and I think that would have looked really cute, but I didn't want to do red and green together.

October is almost identical to Melissa's book but I switched around the colors a little bit so the emphasis wasn't on Perfect Plum.

I love how November turned out (thanks to Missy for the idea to use that tree stamp) and the only thing that makes me sad is that I only have one small scrap of that stripey paper left. Love these colors together!!

Sarah is Jewish, so no Santa Claus or Christmas ornaments. I ordered the Whipper Snapper polar bear stamp especially for this book.

I took the colors for this layout from the patterned paper I used, plus I already had blue mats cut out for a different layout that I changed my mind on so I was glad to use those here. If I had already done the December layout when I designed this one, I might have looked for something different since they're both very snowflakey back to back. But I do love how this one turned out anyway :)

I liked the Bella Rose version of this one from last year's baby books better...I think maybe I should have used a darker green for the accent color?

March is exactly the same as for Mel's book; still one of my favorites!

I needed to do something non-Easter bunny for April, and my mom came up with the April Showers idea. Luckily Amber has these adorable umbrella stamps! I was really tickled with how this one turned out.

Since Sarah loves the bright colors, I went all Rainbow Brite on the May Mother's Day layout.

I am SO in love with this one! The stamp is from Whipper Snapper, I just love it. I wish I'd had a little more time to color in the image...I got the giraffe and lion and leaves to look really good with my colored pencils, but I had to rush through the elephant and the background a little bit so they don't look as good. I was surprised how much I liked these colors together: Glorious Green, Rose Red, Crushed Curry and a little bit of Brilliant Blue. Too bad they're all retiring except for Rose Red (yeah, I'm a little bummed about SU's color renovation. They got rid of most of the purples!!)

The July layout just didn't quite turn out as neat as I had hoped. Maybe I should have done some of the fireworks in gold like I did for my swap cards? I don't know. I just wish SU would do a pack of red, white and blue DSP, that would make July layouts SO much easier!! If they'd come out with something like that, I'd buy a zillion packs!

More bright colors for the first birthday layout. I tried this with Soft Suede and it just looked icky so I went with Chocolate Chip instead. Trust me when I say this one looked better IRL...the colors look off in this photo; for some reason the letters make my eyes cross looking at that picture. :p The presents are made with square punches and then flower punches for the bows.

So there you have it! :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sarah's Baby Shower

I am very proud to say that I got Sarah's baby book all done in time for her shower. I even got to sleep a little bit before the shower :) I'll post pics of all the layouts later this week, so for now I'll just share the card I made:

Since it was after 1 a.m. when I started this (I said I got to sleep a LITTLE bit, not that I got a full night's sleep, heh) I picked a quick and simple layout. This card only took like ten minutes to make, and it was designed to go with this:

The album is K & Company, and is it not just totally ADORABLE?! I found out at the shower that the baby's nursery is going to be decorated in a jungle theme, so this fits right in. I think the colors coordinate pretty well with the decor as well, so score one for me on picking out this album. Here's Sarah opening it:

I think she was pretty excited about it. The first time I met Sarah was at Tiana's baby shower last year and she said she wanted a book like the one I gave Tiana for Emma. Lookie there, wish fulfilled :)

After she read the card, Sarah stood up and showed off the book which tickled me since I put a lot of work into it :)

I will post closeup pictures of each layout in a couple days, but this kinda gives you a sneak peek.

Sarah is also in love with polar bears, so she got quite a bit of polar bear stuff, including this little bit of stinkin' cuteness:

It's one of those hoodie towel things. I think I want to steal it. She also got a few handmade blankets:

Tiana made her one that had some material on it with polar bears (not this one, I didn't get a picture of the one Tiana made)...T couldn't find polar bear material by itself so she bought some children's pajamas and cut them up to make the quilt. Tiana and Scott also made a toy chest for Sarah to keep her two dogs from chewing up the baby's toys ('cause they like to chew on things).

Saturday night I made Mexican lasagna (a.k.a. enchilada loaf) for dinner, and Sarah, Missy, Scott, Tiana, and baby Emma came by for dinner (although Emma didn't eat any enchilada stuff). Scott and Tiana have been teasing Lee about how he will not hold Emma at all, so then T plopped Ems down in Lee's lap and I got this picture:

Emma is always giving us the thousand-yard baby voodoo stare, so she thought this whole thing was hilarious. I think babies and dogs have a sixth sense for people who either don't like or just don't know what to do with them, so they zoom in on those people and like to pester them. That's why I think Emma gives us the thousand-yard stare...not that I don't like babies, I just kind of think they're aliens.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Anybody Miss Me?

I haven't blogged in a while...just been really busy at work and still plodding along on the baby books at home and Lee is now my personal trainer at the gym three times a week...just not enough hours in the day to do everything we want to. I think we should work three days, then have three days off, what do you think?

So here's what I did during my Very Busy Weekend...I had a couple of swaps that are due next Saturday which means the absolute latest I could mail them out and have them arrive on time was this Saturday. Yet for some reason I didn't feel like doing *anything* on Friday night, so I set my alarm for Saturday morning and whipped out all my swaps in record time. I got them to the post office with ten whole minutes to spare!

I always love the 4th of July/patriotic stuff.

That new paper is SOOO fabulous, don't you think?

So how about a couple pictures of my little furry children, just because?

That's my sweet little Vader-man, he's always so happy :)

Sadie is like the bratty kid who really doesn't want to have her picture taken. But I love her anyway.

So, back in September of 2008 when my parents were here, we saw some *awesome* furniture that we would have loved to buy but at the time we couldn't afford it. Of course, we never saw it again after that one time, just because that's always how it works. Lee and I went to a bazaar this weekend and guess what? It finally returned!!!! They didn't have the living room furniture that we really wanted, but I just couldn't leave without getting *something*, so I talked my super-sweet hubba hubba hubby into this:

Totally gorgeous, no? The inside is beautiful too, it's lined with maroon velvet. But I didn't take a picture of that part. Here's the top:

Lee says he is far too nice to me (he may be right), especially since we already have two hope chests in storage, but I pointed out that Mom keeps making us afghans and we needed more room to store them all (bwahahaaaa!) so we got it. We also got contact information for the people who sold us the hope chest; they're going to take pictures of the other furniture pieces we're interested in back at their warehouse and email them, and then we'll be able to order stuff and have it shipped to us. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

K, sorry, I've got to leave now so I can do the happy happy joy joy dance some more :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

April Showers

My friend Melissa had her baby shower yesterday, and since she's in Texas and I'm in Japan, my mom went and sent me pictures :) So here's what Melissa's gift looked like:

Mom does a great job with making presents look totally cute, don't you think? :)

So it looks like the baby's name is going to be Emma. There are a *lot* of Emmas running around (or crawling). I wonder if the TV show Friends is responsible for the name's resurgence in popularity for the last several years...

Mom crocheted a baby blanket and two pairs of booties. However she FORGOT to send me a picture of the BLANKET! (hint, hint!) Mom said that she liked that color combo so much that she got enough yarn to make me one. Not that I'm pregnant, 'cause I'm not. I had two more pictures on here of Melissa with the baby book I made for her, but Blogger keeps uploading them sideways, so I deleted them. So here's my last photo to share today:

That's my mom with Melissa, the mommy-to-be. My mommy is awesome, and I'm sure Melissa will turn out to be an awesome mommy too :)

Not too much else going on here...still working on two other baby books, still stitching, and still watching lots and lots of movies. No big plans for Easter this year. Hope that you all have a wonderful Easter Sunday!