Sunday, April 18, 2010

Anybody Miss Me?

I haven't blogged in a while...just been really busy at work and still plodding along on the baby books at home and Lee is now my personal trainer at the gym three times a week...just not enough hours in the day to do everything we want to. I think we should work three days, then have three days off, what do you think?

So here's what I did during my Very Busy Weekend...I had a couple of swaps that are due next Saturday which means the absolute latest I could mail them out and have them arrive on time was this Saturday. Yet for some reason I didn't feel like doing *anything* on Friday night, so I set my alarm for Saturday morning and whipped out all my swaps in record time. I got them to the post office with ten whole minutes to spare!

I always love the 4th of July/patriotic stuff.

That new paper is SOOO fabulous, don't you think?

So how about a couple pictures of my little furry children, just because?

That's my sweet little Vader-man, he's always so happy :)

Sadie is like the bratty kid who really doesn't want to have her picture taken. But I love her anyway.

So, back in September of 2008 when my parents were here, we saw some *awesome* furniture that we would have loved to buy but at the time we couldn't afford it. Of course, we never saw it again after that one time, just because that's always how it works. Lee and I went to a bazaar this weekend and guess what? It finally returned!!!! They didn't have the living room furniture that we really wanted, but I just couldn't leave without getting *something*, so I talked my super-sweet hubba hubba hubby into this:

Totally gorgeous, no? The inside is beautiful too, it's lined with maroon velvet. But I didn't take a picture of that part. Here's the top:

Lee says he is far too nice to me (he may be right), especially since we already have two hope chests in storage, but I pointed out that Mom keeps making us afghans and we needed more room to store them all (bwahahaaaa!) so we got it. We also got contact information for the people who sold us the hope chest; they're going to take pictures of the other furniture pieces we're interested in back at their warehouse and email them, and then we'll be able to order stuff and have it shipped to us. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

K, sorry, I've got to leave now so I can do the happy happy joy joy dance some more :)


CCsMom said...

Oh yes, that is absolutely loverly. Does the hardware have some kind of design on it, too? And I really like the border on the top. Really something. Good choice! I think I like this better than the stuff we saw while we were there in '08!

LOVED the patriotic card and the one with umbrellas. Cute, cute!

Hey, are you playing favorites with your children?!

So I am up early just so I could check to see if you added to your blog and I see I'm the first to post. Adam is joining me for lunch today since he has Mondays off. I am going to introduce him to my coworkers and show him around our new building.

Love you!!! Mom

Amber said...

You brat! Billy and I were TOTALLY looking at that chest on Sunday! I wanted it, but we have no room for it right now, I told him maybe next year when we're closer to leaving:) I'm so super jealous, and quite amused that we both looved the same piece! So lucky!

Sparkle said...

Your cards are just darling!

Liz Guidry said...

I wrote a comment the other day and it didn't show up - grrrr!

Giffysk8s said...

Christy, that hope chest is stunning!!! I LOVE IT!!! And there is no such thing as too many hope chests. I have the one that my father gave to my mother when they were married. And I have the cedar one that Rick made for me when we got engaged. Yup, he made it himself, even though he had never done any woodworking at all! I'll have to send you a picture. Can't wait to see what other pieces you get!