Sunday, April 4, 2010

April Showers

My friend Melissa had her baby shower yesterday, and since she's in Texas and I'm in Japan, my mom went and sent me pictures :) So here's what Melissa's gift looked like:

Mom does a great job with making presents look totally cute, don't you think? :)

So it looks like the baby's name is going to be Emma. There are a *lot* of Emmas running around (or crawling). I wonder if the TV show Friends is responsible for the name's resurgence in popularity for the last several years...

Mom crocheted a baby blanket and two pairs of booties. However she FORGOT to send me a picture of the BLANKET! (hint, hint!) Mom said that she liked that color combo so much that she got enough yarn to make me one. Not that I'm pregnant, 'cause I'm not. I had two more pictures on here of Melissa with the baby book I made for her, but Blogger keeps uploading them sideways, so I deleted them. So here's my last photo to share today:

That's my mom with Melissa, the mommy-to-be. My mommy is awesome, and I'm sure Melissa will turn out to be an awesome mommy too :)

Not too much else going on here...still working on two other baby books, still stitching, and still watching lots and lots of movies. No big plans for Easter this year. Hope that you all have a wonderful Easter Sunday!


Liz Guidry said...

Your mom does do a great job with wrapping presents :) What a nice looking baby shower. I'm sure lil Emma will be blessed. I love the banner, btw!

Melissa A said...

Thank you SO much for the baby book! It is so beautiful and I absolutely love it. It was a big hit at the shower yesterday too--lots of oohs and aahs! I will send you some more pictures of the shower and of your mom's blanket. Thank you again!

Love, Mel

CCsMom said...

Doesn't Melissa absolutely glow? She is so cute! The shower was fun and I'm sure little Emma will be absolutely gorgeous.

Happy Easter! Love, Mom

Giffysk8s said...

Of course, I am quite partial to the name Emma, as you know. :)

And yes, your mama can wrap a gift for me anytime! LOL