Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sarah's Baby Shower

I am very proud to say that I got Sarah's baby book all done in time for her shower. I even got to sleep a little bit before the shower :) I'll post pics of all the layouts later this week, so for now I'll just share the card I made:

Since it was after 1 a.m. when I started this (I said I got to sleep a LITTLE bit, not that I got a full night's sleep, heh) I picked a quick and simple layout. This card only took like ten minutes to make, and it was designed to go with this:

The album is K & Company, and is it not just totally ADORABLE?! I found out at the shower that the baby's nursery is going to be decorated in a jungle theme, so this fits right in. I think the colors coordinate pretty well with the decor as well, so score one for me on picking out this album. Here's Sarah opening it:

I think she was pretty excited about it. The first time I met Sarah was at Tiana's baby shower last year and she said she wanted a book like the one I gave Tiana for Emma. Lookie there, wish fulfilled :)

After she read the card, Sarah stood up and showed off the book which tickled me since I put a lot of work into it :)

I will post closeup pictures of each layout in a couple days, but this kinda gives you a sneak peek.

Sarah is also in love with polar bears, so she got quite a bit of polar bear stuff, including this little bit of stinkin' cuteness:

It's one of those hoodie towel things. I think I want to steal it. She also got a few handmade blankets:

Tiana made her one that had some material on it with polar bears (not this one, I didn't get a picture of the one Tiana made)...T couldn't find polar bear material by itself so she bought some children's pajamas and cut them up to make the quilt. Tiana and Scott also made a toy chest for Sarah to keep her two dogs from chewing up the baby's toys ('cause they like to chew on things).

Saturday night I made Mexican lasagna (a.k.a. enchilada loaf) for dinner, and Sarah, Missy, Scott, Tiana, and baby Emma came by for dinner (although Emma didn't eat any enchilada stuff). Scott and Tiana have been teasing Lee about how he will not hold Emma at all, so then T plopped Ems down in Lee's lap and I got this picture:

Emma is always giving us the thousand-yard baby voodoo stare, so she thought this whole thing was hilarious. I think babies and dogs have a sixth sense for people who either don't like or just don't know what to do with them, so they zoom in on those people and like to pester them. That's why I think Emma gives us the thousand-yard stare...not that I don't like babies, I just kind of think they're aliens.


CCsMom said...

You guys are a MESS! I think you would make EXCELLENT parents . . . too funny. Babies are just little people -- and quite intuitive. I was just thinking how you used to run up to me when you'd see me with my forehead tensed while I was concentrating on something and try to smooth out the wrinkle with your little hands. You didn't like to see your mama looking like that. It was even before you were able to verbalize what you were seeing and why it bothered you. Ha!
The book is absolutely the cutest ever. I LOVE it! I know Sarah was pleased. Looks like there are quite a number of very talented ladies on Okinawa! I am just so glad to see people enjoying unleashing their creative sides!
Gotta get with it for church this morning -- just checking to see if you added to your blog before I go.
Love you1!! Mom

Sparkle said...

Such a cute card and album! I love those animals!

Liz Guidry said...

Hahahahahahaha! That picture of Lee is soo funny! It just cracks me up how he is just holding onto her with 1 finger and it looks like he wishes it was less than that. Sooo funny!

Thoughts by B and M said...

Hehe - the picture of Lee & Emma came out perfect!!!!!!! Can't wait to see more close-ups of the album, but love what I've seen so far! :)

Giffysk8s said...

First of all, Sarah is downright GORGEOUS and does not look pregnant enough to have a baby anytime soon! Second, you outdid yourself with that scrapbook, Miss Christy~and that's only based on the little bit I've seen so far! Can't wait to see the rest! Third, babies are aliens, especially when their body fluids ooze out of every orifice. LOL Yet somehow they are the perfect, cutest, sweetest, most precious creatures that steal your heart and make you thankful for each and every day you get to spend with them, even when they grow into teenagers! :) And last, but certainly not least, it seems that every little girl named Emma is beyond cute!!!

Jill said...

You know SOMEDAY Lee will be required to hold his nephew... although Evan is really getting to the point that he just likes to roll around on the floor rather than being cuddled -- kinda like Lee :-)