Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Top 10 Things I Learned in China

Yep, we are back from our whirlwind tour of China, which thankfully did not include any prisons or hospitals. We've even loaded the pictures from our cameras onto the computer, but I'm not Mac-savvy enough yet to try going through them tonight to pretty up this blog post, so you, my faithful readers (yeah, all four of you) will just have to make do with a list of the Top 10 Things I Learned in China. So here we go.

1. Always bring your own toilet paper to public restrooms.

2. Adherence to Chinese traffic laws is up to the individual driver, motorcyclist, and pedestrian. Mostly they ignore the laws and honk a lot.

3. Rice will be served at every meal, including breakfast. And usually watermelon too.

4. The Chinese concept of personal space is a lot smaller than the American concept of the same.

5. Pretty much everything in China has to do with luck, either good or bad. Seriously.

6. When haggling, it helps to walk away from the shop. Nine times out of ten, they'll run after you with a much better offer.

7. The oldest stuff we have in America is still pretty newfangled by Chinese standards.

8. China Odyssey Tours is definitely the way to see China.

9. When in doubt, create an army of clay soldiers.

10. Missy never, ever, *ever* has a bad hair day. Never. Ever. EVER.


Cindy said...

Welcome back! I can't wait to see the pictures. I'd love to make it to the Great Wall one day. Thanks for the 10 things - good to know!
Signed, one of your 4 followers ;)

Amber said...

YEAH! You're home:)
Missy has the cutest hair, I hate people with cute hair all the time, grr! I kid, love you Missy;)
I'm ready for the onslaught of pics!

Melissa A said...

Count me as one of your faithful readers! Can't wait to see some pictures from your trip.

Love, Mel

P.S. I have already started putting pictures in the album you gave me!

CCsMom said...

Woo hoo! I learned something today. Coolness! Yeah, I bet Missy never has a bad hair day. Wouldn't that be nice? So glad you had a great time -- chance of a lifetime, you know. My kids were in CHINA!!! And wearing Baylor shirts, too! Love you! Mom

Giffysk8s said...

1) Since I am the 5th post, you definitely have more than 4 followers.

2) Since I don't know Missy, I could hate her sans guilt for having perfect hair. But since I like to think I am a kind person, I actually can't bring myself to hate her.

3) Your traffic observation made me laugh. You obviously haven't been to Boston or you would have felt quite comfortable in China. Maybe even safer.

4) My dad was a car dealer. I saw him perfect the art of haggling, so I think I could shop quite well in China. LOL

5) I always think that the oldest stuff on the west coast of the U.S. is embryonic to all of the old stuff on the east coast. And when I saw the Colosseum and the Forum in Rome, I realized how embryonic even the east coast is. I imagine China would make me feel the same way.

6) I always bring my own toilet seat covers to public toilets. Seriously, I do. My kids find this infinitely entertaining and more than slightly neurotic, though I have shared them with Emma and nobody seems to mind that. Charmin sells neat little 4-packs. I get them at Target. Hmm...now I need to think about the TP.

7) Luck. Good or bad, it's still a 4-letter word. LOL

8) When I am in doubt, I eat chocolate. Claymation just doesn't do it for me. LOL

9) I have an acre of land, which by my town's standards is actually quite small. Nobody here has fences. I have LOTS of space. Not sure if I could handle the extremely up-close-and-personal. Forced to share my space, I may end up in prison or a hospital. Definitely not as good an outcome as you had.

10) I had to make a list of 10 comments b/c we both know I am a Christy-wanna-be. :)

So glad you got home safely. Can't wait for the pics!

Oh, wait~that's 12....