Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pink Elephants on Parade

After the 2+ hour ride back to town (no issues with rockslides on this trip) we went to this place:

Elephant Hill is like the symbol of Guilin, you'll see why it's called Elephant Hill in a minute.

K, so mostly the elephants are gray, not pink, but I couldn't resist naming my blog post after that song just because I like it.

Just for funsies...

They had quite a few elephant statues around the park, so I thought I'd share one or two of Lee's more artsy shots.

It was just a little bit sprinkly while we were here so we didn't stick around for too we were tired, what with the mountain-climbing and rockslide and all.

So here's a picture of Elephant Hill itself. The locals say that it looks like an elephant putting its trunk in the water to drink, and they've got some other elephant-related stories about the area too.

A picture of some cormorants; there are Chinese fishermen on the Li River who fish using these birds. They put a ring around their necks so that when the birds dive for fish, they can't actually swallow the biggest ones. Seems kind of mean to the birds, but that's how they've done it for, like, ever.

Proof that we were there!

I liked this bridge with the elephants all over it, I thought it was kinda neat.

So *I* took an artsy photograph of it!

More statues out in the water; some of them are used to moor boats.

One more elephant for you; these decorated the fences all around the park.

So after this, we were dropped off back at our hotel and then we went to dinner at Rosemary's, and after that we walked a couple blocks to take some pictures with pagodas:

Which Missy keeps calling "pegonias". Like a cross between pagoda and begonia, I guess; a fun mishmash nonetheless.

We got no feeeeets! And that's all she wrote for the day.


Amber said...

Okay, those elephants are the coolest things ever!
Awesome pics again, I feel like I'm there! Okay, not so much, but it's fun to imagine:)

Giffysk8s said...

LOVE the elephant bridge, especially the shot with the elephant trunks protruding from its sides. The elephants in the water remind me so much of the Jungle Cruise ride at Disneyland. I've got to show Emma these pictures~she'll love them!

I especially love the shots of the pegonias at night. I am pretty sure your feet were just too tired to show up~they were already asleep.

Thanks for another fabulous adventure!

Zeus and Twinkle Haskins said...

AMazing. It is so beautiful there. Thank you for sharing, all the elephants are so unique. Love it

CCsMom said...

Oh, if I didn't collect hippos, it would have been elephants! LOVED the pictures with the pagodas. I am so glad YOU showed up in them because with this lighting, these kinds of pictures don't usually come out. COOL! Mom