Monday, June 14, 2010

We Climb to the Top of Long-Ji

So after lunch (see previous post), we climbed yet more stairs to the top of Long-Ji, the dragon's backbone (didn't look like a dragon's backbone to me, but maybe I was lacking in imagination due to all those stairs). I won't be providing too much commentary today, mostly pictures,so you be the judge of whether or not all those stairs were worth it :) (and tell me whether or not it was worth it in the comments, I'm starting to think my mom is the only one who's still reading! And Missy, but she was there, so that kind of doesn't count.)

One of the best things about having a guide of our own--no problem getting group shots. I think I've said that before :)

So here are some of the terrace fields we saw...they're supposed to look like a moon and seven stars but none of us could make that out. William told us that the government pays the locals *not* to grow rice since they can grow it more efficiently elsewhere in the country, so they only grow a little bit for the tourist industry.

This was up at the very top of the mountain.

Don't know why this shot was sideways when we downloaded our pictures, but I kinda like it sideways. Maybe I'm weird. Actually, I'm pretty sure I am weird, but I'm okay with that. Makes me more interesting.

I just thought this picture was really neat :) Lee said he wished it was a bit less misty, but I thought the mist added to the ambiance in the mountains.

So this mountain village is inhabited by the Zhuong, an ethnic minority in China, and they have several teenage girls who dress up in traditional costumes and will let tourists take pictures of them for a small fee. Well, this girl was way far away from me and I managed to snap this without ever going within twenty feet of her ;) We did pay later though, you'll see.

No idea what the big rock says, but it looked cool :)

On our way back down we paid the small fee to take pictures. What's funny is the girl kept trying to convince us to take more and more pictures but she didn't ask for more money...after about a half dozen, we figured we had enough.

We look really short, don't we? That's because whoever was taking the pictures (the cameras got handed off depending on who was in the shot) was standing up on some stairs and trying to get the terrace fields in the background. We did not have Yao Ming taking photos.

So first we walk UP all those stairs, now we have to walk DOWN them again. And Lee took some butt shots just for you, Mom!!

Just kind of an interesting picture of one of the buildings, it's my gratuitous artsy shot. Ok, so I had other artsy shots on this post too, but whatever. I liked this one so I'm sharing it.

You could pay these guys to carry you up all those stairs to the top of the mountain (now why on earth didn't we do that to start with?!) We paid them about 10 RMB just to let us take a few pictures with the sedan chair. Now *that* would be the way to go up and down the mountain in my opinion. Really though, we saw some teeny tiny old ladies with huge bags going up and down, they made me feel really lazy.

I like being lazy though. Not near as much problems with sore feet.


Amber said...

Oh yeah, that sedan is the way to go! Love it! Okay I've been reading your bloggy-poo too and all your pics are awesome, I'm just super bad at commenting, but I could say the same for you;)
Looks like you guys had a ton of fun but yeah, I'm not going to be going anywhere I need to climb that many stairs, we have elevators now and China should totally get with the new age!

Giffysk8s said...

Like Amber, I faithfully read your blog but haven't commented on the the last few posts (I have company and am doing the super-speed-reading-thing). For what it's worth, you ARE weird and very interesting and that's why I love you! LOL And I LOVE your artsy shots. I post artsy shots all of the time. It's your blog~post what you want!!!

I am truly enjoying my trip through China via your blog. Not sure if I'll ever get there, so I really soak in every shot and tidbit.

I totally cracked up because you were intimidated by the little old ladies! I would have been in that sedan chair for the entire ride! But I guess I AM a little old lady. :)

Can't wait for the next post...

CCsMom said...

LOVED the butt shot, Lee! Yes, I'm checkin' out the blog to see if there is anything new. I LOVED the look of the terraced mountains. I especially loved the picture of you 4 that turned out smaller about midway through. Coolness! Love ya -- Mom

jokinz said...

I think the climb was well worth it - how many people can say they accomplished that!?! (Course probably even less people can say they were carried up those stairs so maybe I should rethink my stand on this issue . . .)

And you have LOTS of readers, just not many commenters. I'm a long time reader, first time commenter (yeah, I had to be guilted into commenting). I'm in Ohio and I came for the stamping, but stay for the stories. Gotta face it, though, Ohio just isn't as interesting as the Far East!

Oh, and I love the fact you are a little goofy. I appreciate people who are just themselves and nobody else. You have a fab sense of humor . . . so . . . keep blogging, we'll keep reading.