Wednesday, July 7, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend and that you stopped to think about the real reason we celebrate Independence Day (hint: it's not anything to do with a grill, although we did barbecue hot dogs here...).

Anyway, Lee and I had a lovely four days off work, so here's some of what I did.

Yep, that big mess is mine, all mine. I decided to clean out my craft room and get reorganized this weekend. I'd made this plan well before we found out that we'd be moving in just a few months, but hey, what can you do? At least now my stuff is all organized for when the movers come :)

This mess took me more than two days to create and then systematically clean up. Sometimes it's hard to believe how much stuff I can accumulate in the relatively short time since we got to Okinawa. The thought of cleaning up all that stuff got just a teensy bit depressing.

Yeah, so I made the mess and started on cleaning it up, and then I went to Cocok's with the silent K ;) This time I went with Connie and Amy, two of my coworkers, because Amy got voted off the island this week so it was her last chance to go. Connie and Amy each had a Mini-Me with them and the girls also got their toes done. Really wish I'd brought my camera with us; I didn't know that Cocok's had special designs for kids' toes, like Stitch from Lilo & Stitch or Care Bears or SpongeBob SquarePants. But I digress. These are my toes, aren't they pretty??? I like them. Now I need new pink and yellow shirts to go with them.

Anyway, I had my toes done on Monday morning and then spent a fair amount of time the rest of the day cleaning up my room. By the time Amber came over on Tuesday afternoon (HI AMBER!!!) my room pretty much looked like this:

Oooohhhh, pretty! Right?? Ok, so if I'd taken pictures of it before I dragged all the stuff out from every nook and cranny, then you'd probably think it doesn't look so different, but *I* can tell the difference.

My newly-cleaned out closet. I do have a box or two of stuff that I'll have to give away or sell before we leave, and I managed to get rid of two big trash bags of stuff. Over on the left, I have two large plastic bins; one is stamp sets that I doubt I'll use too often but that I don't want to sell yet; the other is stamp sets that I might possibly consider selling. Maybe. I was quite surprised that I managed to fill up the ginormous bin with possible for-sale sets.

Probably should have opened the doors to the cabinet so you can see my newly reorganized stamp sets. I did reorganize my 12x12 cardstock and my ink pads to go along with SU's color renovation although I'm still a little miffed they got rid of so many purple colors. My current and favorite retired stamp sets reside inside the two cabinets. Funny story: all my stamp sets used to fit in that white plastic drawer thing. Then they used to fit in a single cabinet. Now, I could build a scale model of Metropolis with the stamp set cases if given sufficient time and a topographic map.

Anyway, as I said before, Amber came over on Tuesday afternoon and we spent a few pleasant hours in my newly cleaned stamp room. Amber gave me a bunch of stamped images to play with, so here's a card I made with one of her Anya stamps:

This is for my sister-in-law Adrienne, whose birthday was on Monday. Happy birthday, Adrienne! Your present is in the mail...or will be tomorrow ;) I'm so far behind this year.

Had to do a little something to the inside of the card since that's the thing to do nowadays. I also made one more card tonight, something for my mom's birthday (which was on the second, I'm even further behind the power curve on this one):

This one kinda took on a life of its own and turned into this shabby kind of vintagey thing, but I like it! I used the Splitcoast sketch challenge for this week, but I did it mirror image since this worked better with the direction the hummingbird faces.

Simple stamping and sponging on the inside. So now I really, really, really need to get to work on my group presentation and paper for my class this weekend. Procrastination break is over :D


Giffysk8s said...

Very nice room! After Brittany and Emma leave, I am going to get a crafting "corner" in the basement, the space where Brittany's bedroom currently is. No, our basement is not a dungeon. It is finished like the rest of the house. I will have to come back to this post to get some organization ideas. And I noticed the sweet kokeshi dolls on your desk. :)

LOVE your toes! Going to get mine done today. but nobody here does the designs on every toe. :(

We have been painting, painting, painting! Rick and I got the entire 2-story entry done over the weekend. It took a coat of primer and two coats of paint. We painted a light, creamy yellow over a golden brown. Yesterday, I painted the upstairs hallway and a bathroom. LONG day. We still have one bathroom and the laundry room left, and that will be it for this part of our home improvement list. I'll probably paint those next week. I am too sick of painting to do it right now. Besides, now we have to rip the carpet out of the family room and install a hardwood floor. Gotta get that done before we go to CA in 2 weeks b/c the new furniture arrives right after we return. Of course, Brittany, Emma, and Brennan all move out that week, too. I am really, really, really sad about that~but very happy for them.

Have a good week!

Sparkle said...

I need to clean my room too! Love your toes and your cards are just darling!

Amber said...

Yippee!!! SHE STAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! Love how your Anya card turned out, your coloring is gorgeous girl!

That shabby, vintage card is gorgeous too, love to see you stamping again:) MWAH!

CCsMom said...

Man, are we collectors or what? I see you are every bit as bad as I am. What are you going to do when you inherit all of MY collection?!!! You'll have to buy a house next door to store it all. Poor Lee! But you are SO ORGANIZED. Not sure where that came from! Love you! Mom

Liz Guidry said...

I'm proud that your scrap room is all organized just in time to move next door to me (so I can borrow it all, of course). hehe I hope my scrappy room will look that purdy.