Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dinner and a Show

After we finished our ride out in the country, we came back to town and went out on our own to do some shopping and eat some authentic Chinese cuisine.

K, maybe not so much on the authentic Chinese cuisine part ;)

You can tell how thrilled Lee is to be back at McDonald's! He also discovered why you should be very careful which drink you grab if your friend is getting over a cold. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

Sorry, should have turned this one vertical...we took a picture of the money. Japan's lowest denomination of paper money is 1000 yen, which is roughly equivalent to $10. China has paper money down to the equivalent of like a nickel--the larger the bill, the larger the denomination. I think the one in the middle is one of the nickel-ish bills.

We went shopping down this market street that we walked along from the boat dock to get to our hotel and bought a few things. Bennet got a fake watch for about $30 (ok, it's a real watch, but it's not actually a Breitling, which is what it says it is) and I got a cute little bag and matching hat for 25 RMB, which is like four bucks or something. We could have gotten Iron Man 2 on DVD if we wanted it...and I'm not 100% sure it was out in theaters in the States yet ;) Got a few other things (but no pirated DVDs) while we were out shopping, and then we met back up with William to go to a show.

Can't remember the name of the show, but it was put together by the man who choreographed a big part of the Beijing Olympics opening ceremonies, so you know it was cool. Here we all are in our seats, waiting for it to start (see my cute lil orange bag?!)

This is the "stage"...during the show, they lit up the mountains in the background and along the sides. Some of the performers were on the river banks and some of them were out on the water in boats. I think that William told us there are over 600 performers involved in this show, and after seeing it, I totally believe it.

One of the first performances...they did a lot of singing but obviously we haven't a clue what they sang about :)

Here you can see the mountains lit up. It is really hard to get good pictures in such low-light conditions...after the show, we bought a DVD of it but haven't watched it yet since we got back.

FIRE! Always fun. Unless you're pyrophobic, which I don't think there is such a thing as a man who is *not* a pyromaniac. That's why they like to grill so much. But I digress.

This part was neat; some of the performers rowed out onto the water in these really long, narrow boats and then they moved these really long strips of red fabric synchronized with music.

This lady on the moon was singing and dancing, her part of the show was pretty interesting. We thought for a while that she was naked, but she's actually wearing a flesh-colored bodysuit...found out later that she *used* to dance naked, but some Chinese official decided there was no reason for that so she had to put clothes on to perform *snicker*

At the end, they had performers all lined up around the edges of the performance area and their costumes all lit up. After this really neat light show, they did something with the lit costumes and ended up looking like this, this was the finale to the show. Very cool to see.

So here is a video of the lit costumes that Bennet recorded on his camera. Each one of those little lights you see on the video is a person on costume; kind of mind-boggling how they can coordinate so many people all at the same time. Thought you'd like to see.

I still have just a few more pictures left of Guilin before I start posting about the third city on our tour. It might be Christmas before I finish talking about China ;)


Giffysk8s said...

Christy, LOVE these photos! The show looks like it was awesome! And I, for one, DO hope you keep talking about China until Christmas. I am learning so much and am delighted with each post, so keep 'em coming!

And yes, men do like to grill. My sweet hubby loves to make fires~in the fireplace (a necessity for us during the winter) and in an outdoor fire pit which we use to make s'mores. Can't blame him for either one!

LOVE LOVE LOVE your purse!!! So bright and cheery, just like you!

So Lee may have made a goofy face about eating at McD's, but I doubt he let a single fry go to waste. And I hope you didn't get the cold!

And now to digress....I like the layout of Emma, too~even though it is much simpler than most of the ones I do. But I decided than I am so behind on my scrapbooking that I don't have a prayer of catching up unless I start making faster layouts. So there you have it!

And I am so addicted to my cross stitch, too, that I have a hard time deciding if I should scrap or stitch. Thank goodness the Sox play almost every night~right now, my scrapbooking stuff is in a room without a TV, so I am pretty much forced to stitch while I watch my beloved boys! LOL

Speaking of stitching, I was perusing Scarlet Quince yet again last night. I have 10 patterns on my wish list! I have got to find one that isn't as large as the one I am doing, or as large as most of the ones on my list. This one is going to take me forever and a day. Next time, I need a smaller one so I feel like I actually make progress.

Can't wait for the next installment of "Ree Eats His Way Through China's Mickey D's!" Hee hee!


CCsMom said...

Wow, awesome! That really would have been something to see.

Thoughts by B and M said...

Merge. That's ALL I'm gonna say about that.