Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Han Tombs

Dear Mom, I'm so glad I have one blog reader left. You're the coolest.

After we left the drum and bell towers, Tracy took us to the Han tombs on the way to the Xi'an airport. These tombs are about 2,000 years old, so pretty darned ancient but still 200 years newer than Qin Shi Huang Di's tomb. The Han Dynasty is the one that happened right after Qin Shi Huang Di, and we discovered that he wasn't the only one who wanted to play with dolls in the afterlife, he just did it bigger and badder than anyone else.

These ones are only about a third of life size, and somewhere around 10,000 have been excavated from the site (it's another emperor's tomb, but somehow I didn't write down which one). This dude had to choose between size (Qin Shi Huang Di's dudes are all a bit more than life-size) and number of clay figures, so he decided to go for quantity over size.

I bet you're wondering why they're all naked and armless...well, they didn't start out that way. When they were buried, the figures all had wooden arms and clothing made out of silk, but it all rotted away over time.

They've also uncovered a lot of animal figures because the little clay men have to eat little clay pigs, chickens, sheep, and goats. There were also horses and dogs but I refuse to believe that anyone eats horses or dogs and don't even try to tell me differently or I will throw things at you until you take it back.

This entire museum is underground to keep sunlight from deteriorating the artifacts the way that happened at Qin Shi Huang Di's tomb. Of course, low lighting conditions are not all that conducive to good pictures, so we didn't take very many...if I'd realized how few pictures we had, I would have combined this with the drum and bell towers post. Oh well. Missy liked the little booties that we had to wear while we walked around the museum, so that's how come the foot picture. I just really like the fact that my shoes have purple laces.

So here we are at the airport with Tracy, our guide for Xi'an. Little did we know that she would be the last of the fabulous guides on this trip :( *sniffle* Anyway, Mom, tune in next time for the pictures I know you've been waiting for! I'm not posting them though until someone (preferably multiple someones) comments on my blog. Nyeh.


CCsMom said...

Oh yes, I am a good and faithful reader. I have SO enjoyed my tour through China. See you SOON!!!

Love, Mom

CCsMom said...

I'll even post TWICE. Just had to say that those are a bunch of good-looking kids in that last picture.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that you are whining where it is not really necessary. Readers, yes. Bloggers, no.


Alexis said...

Lol I always read...just bad at posting. I'm really enjoying your report! I want to visit that area badly...I'd love my hubby to be stationed there but that's not too probable!!

Amber Hight said...

Silly Christy! You know I read your blog, you have MANY readers! Sometimes we just don't post though, shame shame! ;)

Love your pics, those bodies are CREEPY!!!!!

Liz Guidry said...

I read it too, so THERE! :p

Giffysk8s said...

Oohh..I am commenter #6. See, you do have peeps!

Did you get to keep the blue booties? And I could have guessed that your shoelaces are purple!

Yuk, yuk, yuk about eating dogs. Just yuk.

On to the next post!