Friday, July 2, 2010

Our Last Half-Day in Guilin

So I suppose this is about the halfway point for the China posts since this will be my last post from Guilin, the second stop on our four-city tour of China. Wow, I need to post faster :) So on our last day in Guilin, Lee got up and went out to take some early-morning photos from our hotel.

Love the misty morning look on this one :)

These were all taken in the garden/patio type area that the dining room overlooks, so in the photo above that's part of our hotel that you see.

You'd think since this is an artsy floral shot that I would be the one who took it, but alas, I did not--Lee did! I love how it turned out and I'm slightly jealous that I wasn't the one who took it.

After breakfast, we had a 2-hour drive back to Guilin from the little town we stayed at after the river cruise. Along the way we stopped briefly to take pictures of the rice farmers. Once we hit town, we stopped in at the China Odyssey Tours office to meet Jack Ding, our travel agent extraordinaire.

If you click on the picture to see it larger, you can see where all four cities are that we visited: Shanghai, Guilin, Xi'an, and Beijing.

So here we are with the good Jack (later on, we met a very bad Jack). Since Missy corresponded with him so much prior to our trip, it was fun to meet him in person. From there, we went on to our last activity in Guilin: touring the Reed Flute Caves.

Big ol' map of the caves :) China has had several periods of drawn-out civil wars over the millennia, so the local people used to hide out in these caves whenever the fighting got too close to town. It's a fairly large cave system.

They have names for all the rock formations based on what they supposedly look like (some of them take more imagination than others) but sadly, I didn't have a way to record the names of the rock formations to match the pictures.

A small underground lake...the reflection looks pretty cool, huh?

Proof that we were there!! This is the only photo I've shared from China that we've edited extensively, but Lee had to edit it or you wouldn't have been able to see us.

So that was it for Guilin. William took us to the airport, and we had to get a picture with him before we took off:

I just noticed when I was uploading it onto here that it's not very well in focus and I look like the little girl who had a little curl, but ehh, what can you do? Back soon to share pictures from our next city, Xi'an!


Liz Guidry said...

I am jealous of all the underground photos. That is amazing!!

CCsMom said...

I LOVE the picture of you and Lee at the hotel. Looks like you guys are having a great time here. Wonder if I would get clostrophobic in that cave . . . Did they light it up with the different colors? Sure adds a neat effect!

Hope you had a great 4th -- we went over to the A Team's as they were having a party. It was nice. And Adrienne and I both had good birthdays.

Love you!!! Mom