Sunday, July 11, 2010

Unidentified Decorative Objects

I know, you're shocked to see me back again so quickly :) But I've gotta hurry up and post more China pics or we're going to be in England before I get to the end of these, ha! So back to the Xi'an city walls.

When we got to the third side of the Xi'an city wall, we were suddenly faced with a whole bunch of unidentified decorative objects, like at least a half a mile of them down both sides of the wall. We knew we were going to have to hurry to get the bikes turned in on time so I just took pictures as we flew by. No clue what these things are or why they're on the Xi'an city wall, but it was fun to look!

Kind of gives you an idea how many of these things there were.

And there's a person in there for scale reference :)

I liked the dragon one!

Wish the lighting was better on this picture, but oh well, what can you do?

I liked all the vases, they were pretty cool.

And here are some Beijing opera masks.

Totem poles?

I'm sure there's some kind of over-arching theme to why they picked the items they did for this exhibit of whatever they are, but darned if I can figure out what that theme is!

I pretty much used up the rest of the memory card in the camera taking these photos (we had another card though, so there are lots more pics to share) so I was trying to put the lens cap back on the camera when we hit a bump and I dropped it. There was a group of young Chinese guys that grabbed it for us and gave it back, but then they wanted to have their picture taken with the silly Americans. Too bad we didn't get one of them too!

It was a busy day today...when we got in to work this morning we discovered Dave, the office goldfish, floating in his tank, so we had to have a funeral for him. Then not too long after I got home, we had another earthquake...not a huge one, just enough to make your Jell-O jiggle. But anyway, now it's past my bedtime, so ta-ta for now!


Giffysk8s said...

I grew up in earthquake country, and I remember thinking they were kind of fun! Though my parents heartily disagreed.

LOVE the autumn leaves, as you knew I would!

CCsMom said...

Yep, I'm betting LIZ will like the leaves as well! I like the dolphins. This kind of looks like plastic, or maybe fabric, draped on a metal skeleton? Cool, though. I LIKE it. Did you drop the CAMERA?!!! Or just the lens cap?

Sorry about Dave. Never have had much luck with fish. That's why I cross stitch them instead.

Sure is HOT here -- but not NEAR as muggy as Okinawa.

Getting SHORT, aren't you?!!! Oh my gosh -- I remember all those short sayings like, "I'm so short, I can't see over the curb." Silly things like that. The countdown begins.

Love you. Headed to work. Mom