Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Random Photos from Tokyo

Mom already commented on my last post, so here's another one :) I won't post until my mommy says something! Hee!

Just thought I'd post a few random photos from our trip up to mainland Japan, whatever didn't fall into either the Mount Fuji or Disney categories. First up we have a silly picture of us eating McDonald's on the floor of the Haneda airport:

Because it's fun to make Lee eat at McDonald's in as many different countries as possible. Heh. And here are our intrepid menfolk puzzling out the Tokyo train system to get us to our hotel:

And a hand-drawn chalk sign at the Haneda Starbucks, just because I thought it was fun:

Our first evening in Tokyo we went to the teppanyaki restaurant in our hotel (teppanyaki is what you think of if you think Japanese steakhouse where they cook your dinner on the table in front of you). So here we are:

We have another picture sans bunny ears, but really, where's the fun in that? And since we were on vacation, we all had to get dessert. Here's what Missy got:

Lee got something with fruit and I got cheesecake. I forget what Bennet got, but no two of us got the same thing.

Speaking of Bennet, here's one of his more questionable sartorial choices:

Yep, rolling up the pant legs. Stylin'. This was at the bus station before we got on the bus to go to that stinky mountain. And here we are in the restaurant where we ate lunch before attempting to climb that stinky mountain:

Bennet and Missy look far more excited about the prospect...

I just noticed that most of these random photos involved the places we went to eat in Tokyo. Weird. Oh well, here's one more:

I wonder if this is the world's smallest Hard Rock Cafe. It was squished into a small building with a Tony Roma's on the ground floor and the Hard Rock on the second floor.

See? Not large. The place where they sold the shirts and stuff was actually in a separate building (behind and to the right of where we stood to take this picture). I did get a Hard Rock Tokyo shirt (I wore my Hard Rock Beijing shirt to go climb Mt. Fuji). They had several that featured Hello Kitty which I thought was SO Japanese (they do love their cartoon characters), but I went with the regular shirt because the design on the back is really neat. Of course, I didn't take a picture of that yet...oh well!

After Mom comments on this post I'll be back with some more China pictures. I *will* finish posting those before we leave here next month!


Giffysk8s said...

Well, I'm not your momma, so you still have to wait. :)

Love the Hard Rock photos! We get Keaton a Hard Rock shirt whenever we can. You know, there's one in Boston... Want a shirt?

The McDonald's photos make me laugh! You could do a whole layout of those!

And you do look lovely and fresh before you climbed that stinky mountain.

CCsMom said...

OK, here I am, yo mama! I think my kid likes ME best! Before you said Bennet rolled up his pants legs, I was going to ask, WHAT was Bennet thinking?!!! Major Dork Alert! Cracks me up. Bennet and Missy are such a cute couple. And so are MY kids!!!

Went to the Rangers game last night and right before we got to the stadium, we noticed the Army parachute team dropping out of a plane. They all landed inside the stadium, BUT one got his parachute caught on the flagpole on the very tippy top of the highest scoreboard. He did manage to get down safely, but SCARY! We missed it -- saw it on the news. Anyway, it was SO PLEASANT at the ballpark, especially on the walk out to the car afterwards. Especially since the temp had risen to 107 just the day before. Wow. Almost felt like we needed a sweater . . . well, ALMOST. And it's rained some today and things are much cooler (80's). Guess this will be our short-lived fall.

Oh, you were at the Haneda Airport where WE were just two years ago next month. You didn't have to go through customs, did you? I mean you were on what they consider a "domestic" flight.

Still thinking, "CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!" I'm going to give you a squeeze. Love you!!!

Amber Hight said...

A) Super fun pics! Looks like ya'll had a blast *after Fiji or Fuji, whatever it's called*

B) I don't know what delusions you're under thinking you're leaving next month. Ain't gonna happen. You're MINE!

C) Your comment about my comment on my sentiment cracked me up, lol! We know I'm living with a cold right now and I don't think it means what I thought it means...meaning, I was hoping it was IRONIC that my sentiment was all sun-shiney but the image is all rainy...YOU KNOW WHAT I MEANT! :p

D) Miss you!